Mother's Day Card Making Time!!

For the past several years on Mother’s Day I’ve woken up not to breakfast in bed, but to my husband scrambling to make a card with my children to give to me. I’m not sharing this to speak negatively of my husband; in fact, I think he’s the most incredible dad out there. He’s so busy helping with everything else, buying a card isn’t on his radar. That being said, as a mom I treasure that card. As a card designer I want to help him and the rest of the husbands out there who might be too busy to remember (or even know) how much we love that card.

I am thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Sawyer to host an event just in time for Mother’s Day. On Saturday April 30th, the weekend before Mother’s Day, we will be at Der Schwarze Kolner (aka DSK) in Fort Greene to help your little one create a handmade Mother’s Day Card.  Send your husband, babysitter, or friend with your child. You get some time to yourself, your partner gets to have beer, your child makes a fabulous card, and then a week later you get to spend Mother’s Day together as a family with one memorable card to document the year.  

Hope to see you there!! You can RSVP at  If you have any questions feel free to email me at


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April is National Letter Writing Month

April is National Letter Writing Month and we are so excited to be participating in The Write_On Campaign. It’s been about a month since we started our Love Jac Mail YouTube Video Series and it has been incredibly inspiring and motivating.

To keep that momentum going and to connect with all our letter writing peeps we are doing a daily Write_On Video!!! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the most up-to-date notifications!

We’d love to see the cards your sending and hear any tips you have to get those letters in the mail! Leave a message here, tag us on Instagram, or leave a comment on YouTube!!  

Happy National Letter Writing Month Everyone!!!

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Love Jac Mail - Our New YouTube Series

We are so excited to announce that we have officially launched a new YouTube series called “Love Jac Mail”!! This series documents my letter writing process and the goal of it is to keep me accountable, inspire you, and connect with you to share tips and ideas to make us all better mail senders!!

This has been an idea of mine for over a year now. I have notebooks filled with lists of topic ideas and I am proud to say the first three of the video are up now!

We truly want this to be a place of encouragement. Yes, I own this greeting card company, but no, I’m not the best card mailer. I’m really good at thinking about writing the note, I’m not half bad at actually writing the note, but I’m the worst at getting it in the mail. You know how they say, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Well that’s sometimes the case for me.  A couple years ago I forgot to send my own Grandmother a birthday card! Thanks to this new series, I was determined and I mailed her a card this year!! You can watch the video here.

To make this series happen, I took my own advice and “just started.” The first video is a handful of thank you cards that I had meant to send almost a month before. We really believe it’s never too late to send a thank you!  Plus, it also gave me the excuse to use our “I meant to mail this on…” inkable stamp!! You can watch that video here!!

In the second video, I was also taking the time to write two very overdue thank you notes to our cousins who visited us back in November. This gave me the perfect opportunity to use the handmade cards Conroy had made in our art class, Artists & Crafts! You can watch that video here!!


The plan is to deliver you a video once a week. You’ll get a little backstory on the card, some tips from me, and watch me decorate the envelopes (one of my favorite parts)!!! We will also feature tips from you, so please leave a comment below the video!! So far our favorite tip is from Sharon Danks who suggested gifting a bride or mom-to-be thank you cards for her shower gift…then passing out the envelopes at the shower so everyone can write their own address to make it easier for the guest of honor to get the cards in the mail! GENIUS!!!

And for those of you who didn’t know, April is National Letter Writing Month!! (Don’t worry, we didn’t know either until a couple weeks ago!) So, we will be participating in the “write_on” challenge and writing a letter each day of the month!! Please join us in the fun and follow along on Instagram! Be sure to tag us in your photos so we do this together!! Can’t wait to see what you create!



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A Recap of My One Little Word 2015: Push

Ahh…2015 is over and now it is time to say good-bye to my One Little Word. For me, 2015 was all about PUSHing myself! I wanted to advance my business and my life. My baby had become a toddler and I was ready to PUSH myself a little more.

For those of you who don’t know, One Little Word is an idea from Ali Edwards that she turned into a workshop. 2015 was my first year participating and I was very happy with the results. The word guided my year and helped me to get all the things that I had been dreaming about done (or at least started!) I looked to my word for inspiration and strength. PUSH is very much a part of my personality, so I think, regardless, I would have PUSHed myself this year. However, having the word to focus on and having Ali’s monthly prompts to hold me accountable truly allowed me to reflect and re-evaluate.


In January we defined the word. Right from the start I connected with the word more than I had expected. My favorite definition of PUSH is “A vigorous effort to do.” Hello…is that me or what?

In February we got creative and made vision boards. I loved prioritizing this word. I took one Sunday afternoon - my husband took the kids to playground - and I had a couple hours to myself to create. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was foreshadowing what would come in September when our son started school two days a week. I can’t tell you the joy I find in a quiet apartment and the TIME to get creative. Sometimes it’s exactly what my soul needs! From March to May I spent most of my time focusing on The National Stationery Show (NSS), so there wasn’t much time left to actually get my work for One Little Word done and in my binder. I would listen to Ali’s videos every month and mentally reflect on my word. In the summer I caught up a little more. Then in October I took two more weekend afternoons to look back at the whole year, finish the prompts I had skipped, and refocus one more time. It was very beneficial to read the worksheets and my thoughts from the early part of the year. Now, with the year over, I am excited to begin 2016.



My main goal for my business was to refocus – take all the ideas bouncing around in my head, get them on paper, and make them happen. Being a mom is a fulltime job 24/7 and it takes up most of my time. PUSHing myself to get more help and make time for the business is how we made the progress we did this year (actually, it’s the only way I have managed to maintain a successful business to date while being a stay-at-home mom). My daydream list was LONG, but I put it on paper and I prioritized things. There are three things that make me extremely proud.


#1 – Artists & Crafts. At the beginning of 2015 I was informed that the company where I had been teaching my class, “Brooklyn Arts & Crafts,” would no longer be facilitating classes. I was determined to look at this as an opportunity and not a set-back. We rebranded the class “Artists & Crafts” – since we focus on famous artists & then make crafts!! Georgia and Conroy helped me design the logo and I spent many days researching spaces to hold the class. Not gonna lie, there were many sleepless nights and lots of praying – and in the end… it happened. We found the perfect space where I was able to decorate the classroom. In the fall – that space was no longer available and the anxiety started again. However, I PUSHed through and found our current location – Brooklyn Music School. We love this location and now after all is said and done, you could say, “Everything happens for a reason.”

#2 - The National Stationery Show (NSS). This year we attended NSS for the second time. What a breath of fresh air! I am so happy we didn’t give up after year one. A trade show is no joke. It takes a ton of work and a lot of money. This year I joined Trade Show Boot Camp, which not only provided valuable information, but also introduced us to many wonderful stationery companies. NSS also gave me a deadline to upgrade our website. We shot and edited two videos to help explain our company.

#3 – Inkable Envelope Stamps. These had been an idea of mine for a while now and I can credit my One Little Word for making it happen. I spent weeks designing these in many different 10-minute pockets of time I would find in my busy schedule. All the hard work paid off because Inkable Envelope Stamps were selected as a Best New Product Finalist at the National Stationery Show!



My goal for 2015 in my personal life was, “to PUSH myself to figure out how to do more. I want to plan out the week’s meals ahead of time, develop a better cleaning routine, and schedule in more date nights.” In the case of my personal life, I would say PUSH was quietly in the background making things happen. I wasn’t exactly sitting down making meal plans or cleaning routines, we didn’t have a plan to go on X number of date nights throughout the year, but somehow all these things happened. Yes, there is still room to improve and ways to be more efficient, but overall – we do have more regular go-to meals (my famous chicken – which I found in a magazine while I was getting a pedicure), our place is less cluttered and cleaned more regularly (thanks KonMari & Mira!), and we went on many wonderful dates!!!


Also, over the summer I read two books, The Fringe Hours & The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!! Both books fueled my word. I wanted to PUSH more!!! I made lists and continued to tackle the year.

Then this October I PUSHed myself personally and signed up for Jess Lively’s online workshop, Life with Intention Online – talk about life changing magic!! This workshop made me take the time to focus on myself and what truly makes me happy. PUSHing myself was the only way I got it done - hiring a babysitter so I could attend the webinars without distraction and taking time out of my schedule to reflect and complete the worksheets. It truly changed my outlook on life!!


At the beginning of 2015 I accepted the fact the double-stroller would be my life. Man, did my word play a big part in the literal version as well. In February one of the wheels broke off because we hit a huge chunk of ice. Getting around Brooklyn in the freezing cold with a single stroller and two kids almost did me in. Then – a wheel broke off the single stroller. Oh, man! It was not the best time for me. Somehow I PUSHed through. We ordered a new wheel and were even more thankful for our means of transportation!! As this year comes to an end, we are slowly transitioning into Georgia either scooting or walking. I can see our days of pushing coming to an end – literally.


For me, PUSH meant not getting stuck. It meant figuring out the time to get stuff done. It also manifested into a motivator. The difficult times…the difficult moments. I looked to the word to help me PUSH through. On several occasions when the double-stroller was heavy and no one was helping me hold the door open – there was my word “PUSH” to motivate me. I can do this!!! Yes, I know that almost every door has the word push on one side or the other, but I felt like I only noticed it in those times I really needed to see it. It was like a high five from the universe “You go, Jac, you got this!!”

Looking back at my binder gives me such joy. It makes me proud. Writing down my thoughts in the binder was very therapeutic. Before kids…before I was married, I used to journal ALL the time. For some reason over the years I have stopped journaling – I blame the Internet. But having this workshop in my life – and this binder- I have thoroughly enjoyed just writing – pen and paper – my thoughts, no one else’s comments!

Overall, I’d say taking the time to myself was the best part of this project. I believe without the word, or possibly without the workshop, I would have still done most of the things I did – because it’s who I am. Taking an hour a month to listen to Ali, get creative with her prompts, and have some un-interrupted “me” time to refocus was the most valuable part.

For me, PUSH is going to be a “life word.” I know it will stick with me. I want it to stick with me. I want the high fives!! I want the advancement. I want to keep growing and moving forward. In 2016, my word is a little more cozy and I love how it contrasts with PUSH, but at the same time complements it. Here’s to another year of this amazing life!



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At the end of 2014, I wrote a retrospective on what made me happy on a day-to-day basis. I love this idea because I truly believe that the things that make you happy each day, in turn, make you happy in life! So I wanted to do it again this year. Here it is our daily happiness for Love Jac & for my personal life…


#1: Artists & Crafts

My professional high of 2015 is easily Artists & Crafts, a curriculum I have developed and art class I teach that exposes children to famous artists and encourages them to create their own masterpieces. At the beginning of the year there was a very good chance that this class could have ended because the facility and our original partner closed down her shop. I was determined to not let this class fade away. I am so happy to say not only did Artists & Crafts live, but it has also grown into something even bigger. Being responsible for all aspects of running this class gave me the perfect excuse to take everything to the next level. We changed our name, created a logo, and defined our philosophy. I love the business side of this class, but I absolutely love teaching it. I love watching the children learn, participate, and create. I love getting to know them, as well as their caregivers. I love watching everyone in class become friends. I love being a bigger part of the community and running into our families in the neighborhood. It fills me with such joy. The fact that an idea I was passionate about a couple of years ago has grown into such a wonderful institution fills my heart with happiness. I am on the biggest high of my week every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.


#2: Online Webinars

If 2014 was the year of the podcast, then 2015 was the year of the online webinar. I took two extremely beneficial webinars, Trade Show Boot Camp (TSBC) and Life With Intention Online (LWIO), that have transformed Love Jac.

In March during TSBC, Katie and her wonderful panel of experts reinforced much of what I knew and shined some light on many industry secrets I hadn’t learned yet. This community of professionals has given me a realistic look at what Love Jac can become and what we want it to ultimately be. My greatest takeaway from this course was the term “multiple revenue streams” and the examples of how it is the key to so many successful entrepreneurs!!

In October I participated in Jess Lively’s LWIO. If you would like the full review, I raved about how much I love this workshop here. But I want to point out that it has shifted the way I look at my business. It has helped me evaluate how I am focusing my time and set up a new plan for the future. As a solo-preneur having both of these peer groups as part of my community now is extremely helpful.   And since I mentioned “multiple revenue streams” I want to share two of Jess’ incredible podcast episodes about this concept – here and here. These episodes have given me great ideas for the future of Love Jac.


#3: Customer Interaction

We have always loved our customers, but this year it has been extra meaningful. We love talking and catching up with them at craft fairs. We love handwriting notes in their online orders. And we love hearing their reviews when we run into them on the street. Our feature in Rachael Ray’s Every Day magazine increased our customers nationwide. Chatting with wonderful people in Oklahoma that connect with the same things we do is why we have this business. We have been brainstorming new fun ways to interact and connect with you guys even more in 2016.


#1: My Values Based Intentions

Okay, by now I kinda feel like a broken record. I’ve mentioned it multiple times here on the blog and, if we’ve hung out between October and now, I have probably told you about how my outlook on life has changed since I took Jess Lively’s Life With Intention Online workshop. But, honestly, it is my biggest takeaway of 2015 in all aspects of life… from my livable, comfortable, put-together home and wardrobe to being aware & smart and making it a requirement to find time to indulge & recharge! Overall I am less stressed. I’d even say all the “unnecessary stress” has disappeared. Plus, Chad has even said he notices a difference! I often find myself going back to my values when I need to reset or look at life on a bigger picture.

#2: Tuesdays/ Thursdays

I knew this would be a game changer but, man-oh-man, having two days of uninterrupted time to work is bliss!! Sometimes I almost feel guilty. I have been able to think more clearly, get more accomplished, and, in turn, enjoy my family even more!!! In September our daughter started going to school five days a week and our son started going twice a week. To go from the past four and a half years of being responsible for another person 24/7 to having 11 hours a week where the only person I have to answer to is myself is life changing. I feel like I’ve been a sprinter running with weights on for years and they’ve just been removed! Don’t blink because I might fly by! As with most situations, I always think I’ll be able to get things done so much quicker or get more accomplished in a certain period of time. I kept saying to Chad “In September I’m going to…” and “In September I’ll have time for…” And while I have only checked off three items from my “In September”, they are the most important items. And they are done! That feels so good. In some ways this life I’m living now is what I expected motherhood to be like. I’m organized. I have systems in place and I am enjoying my kids. Before having this time I was totally happy, but I was hustling a lot more and felt like I was always trying to catch up. Plus, now our cabinets are organized!


#3: Real Life Interactions

It’s almost silly that this is on the list. Real life interactions? You mean actually connecting with people and having a conversation! This item is very similar to last year’s “Meet Ups” but this time in my personal life. For a while there I found myself getting caught up in Instragam and the people who seemed to be in my phone. I think that when you are a stay-at-home mom and run your own business you have less interaction and find comfort in those connections you have made online. I still enjoy those connections – especially the ones with people I actually know – but this year I made an effort to get together with my girlfriends as often as possible. We went on weekend trips, we spend a week in Cape Cod, we spent as many days as we could with my best friend and her daughter in New Jersey, we planned date nights with other couple friends, and we became even closer with our “mommy” friends. Those times when I almost forget to take a photo because we are having so much fun are some my favorites!! Don’t worry – most of the time I did remember to snap at least one photo!!

Bonus #4: New Contact Solution!

I have to include this just as on overall daily high!! This summer after the eye doctor’s recommendation I started using new contact solution. This is the kind that really shocks the contacts and removes all bacteria! When I first started wearing contacts in middle school this was all that you could buy. Before I made the switch back, my eyes would begin to fail me and around 8 p.m. things would always get blurry. I even contemplated getting lasik eye surgery. However, after switching my solution and making sure I change my monthly contacts every month (I added a reminder in my calendar), my eyes feel so much better!!

That wraps my top contributors to my daily happiness professionally and personally. I find it interesting to look back and compare 2014 and 2015. In a way, life has built upon the foundation of 2014 and become even better in 2015. I hope this trend continues as I “settle-in” to this awesome life we have! January is almost over and I’m ready to really dig my heels into 2016!! We hope you are as well.


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December Daily Album 2015

We love December Daily!! This is our second year creating an album and we’ve loved the entire process!!! For those unfamiliar, December Daily is a scrapbook concept created by Ali Edwards, which documents each day of December. Even in all the busyness of the month you can slow down and document the moments both big and small.

In late November I pulled out our December Daily album from last year. We flipped through it together as a family. Georgia loves looking at the daily photos of Billy, our Elf On The Shelf. I love seeing how little the kids were only a year ago. Simply having this album brings the whole family joy.

Lately, I’ve really been into watching YouTube videos of people either showing their December Daily process or walking through their albums. I’m slightly addicted. If you’d like to join me in this obsession, I recommend starting off with Amy Tangerine’s walk-through of the last 5 years and Victoria Marie’s process videos! And, if you want, you can also check out the video I made last year. Watching how others scrapbook is very inspiring and I’ve learned many new techniques. However, I have learned the most from simply making our album last year. Here’s what I learned…


Last year in November I loaded up all of my pocket pages with fun cardstock. I thought by prepping the album in advance it would save me time and make things go faster…WRONG! The more I pocket-page scrapbook the more I am learning what works best for me. Here’s what you need to know about me: I take A LOT of photos!! I love capturing the everyday little moments. It helps me remember them in the hectic times of life. I’ve become very good at quickly pulling out my iPhone, snapping a photo, and then continuing on with life. Because I know this about myself, I let the photos take the lead this year.

This means there wasn’t much prep I had to do in advance. I simply made sure I was taking photos during the day and then I kept a list of our activities and the stories I wanted to remember in my Get To Work Book. Twice – once in the middle of the month, and then once at the end of the month -- I went through my photos and had them printed at CVS. I printed some of the photos in multiple sizes. I still enjoy physically holding the photos and deciding how I want to lay them out. I let the photos for each day determine what layout I chose. I used a Simple Stories SN@P album again and I love all the different layout options they offer. I also really love the 6x8 size because it makes it easy to take with us while we travel. Bringing the album to North Carolina when I knew I’d have the time to scrapbook was extremely helpful.


Another thing I’ve learned about myself is that in order for me to finish something, I need to set a deadline. Last year I had more concrete deadlines – and, in turn, had the album completed by the first week of January. This year I had looser deadlines, so it did take a little bit longer to finally close the album and put it on the shelf.

Deadline #1- PHOTOS

Instead of doing each page from start to finish, I did the entire album in steps. I started with the photos. In order to stay on track, I told myself I would have all the photos in the album before we left North Carolina.


When we were back in Brooklyn, I made my next mission to fill the remaining spaces with patterned paper. I bought a 9x11 pad of paper from Hobby Lobby because I wanted the entire album to feel cohesive. I love bright colors so when I found this pack that was centered around light brown kraft paper (similar to the cover of the album) with bright reds, greens, and whites, I kinda fell in love. Since Georgia really loved Billy The Elf being in our book, I decided to make him extra special this year - I used glitter paper for his border. I still haven’t been able to successfully print my Instagram photos with the entire border. For some reason, one of the edges gets cut off. To fix this, I cut the border off and then mounted it on the glitter paper so that it was symmetric. I used glue dots instead of a glue stick so that it was able to grip the glitter paper.


Once I had all the pockets filled, the fun really began: embellishing and journaling. Since one of my goals for this year was to keep the album cohesive, I chose three different styles of alphabet stickers. I used the same red and green glitter letters I used last year. I found a thicker cardstock kraft-colored set in the $1 bin at Target. I bought two packs – and wish I would have bought more. The color worked perfectly with the album as a whole. I also used some thick gold stickers I had in my stash. I really couldn’t get enough of the alphabet stickers in this album! I used the same set of white number stickers to identify the date once December started.

For other embellishments I mainly stuck with my two favorite sticker lines: Mambi Clear Sticks & Mambi Chips. I love the clear stickers because you can put them right over the photos. I love the chips because they have great sayings & add a pop to any layout. I had bought a couple packs for my summer mini album and ended up using them in this album.

For journaling, I picked up three individual sheets of paper at Hobby Lobby that matched the paper pad I had previously bought. I bought a thin green sharpie that I used for the majority of my journaling.

A note on journaling: part of me wishes I had room to write more, but than another part of me felt like I was just writing what I could already see in the photos. I can’t decide what information I will always remember when I look at the photos and what things I just remember now because it is so fresh in my mind. Hmmm… This is another reason why I enjoy making the flip-through videos.

Also, in this album I used several clear stamps. I have a couple sets by Kelly Purkey and also found one by Heidi Swap that has all the days of the week. One of my other new favorite YouTubers is JuliMakesThings. I like how she stamps her date a couple times so it looks like it fades away. I used the same technique with the day of the week. I like knowing what day something happened in addition to the date. For whatever reason, it helps me remember better.

Last year I was very diligent about making sure each day only took up a single side of the page. I have a tendency to go overboard and have incredibly thick albums. Last year’s album was very thin and I am happy with that. However, knowing the 17 pocket pages wouldn’t make the album too big, I allowed myself to let a couple days occupy more than one side. For me, it’s about what I want to remember and on a few occasions multiple things happened per day that I knew I wanted to document. This year my album ended up having 23 pocket pages.

Now that I have the album done, I’m already excited for next December to get here!! Eventually, I’d love to find the time to do a full Project Life album per year. In the meantime, I guess I’ll get to work on finishing our summer mini-album.

If you'd like to see every page in the album you can watch my flip-through video here.  Note: I go through each page so it's about 20 minutes!!

Below are some different memory keeping strategies. I hope they inspire you on your next album…


Several times throughout this album I decided to simply give the page a title. I like this method of documenting because most of the time the story is told with the photos and giving it a title helps focus the page. I utilized my slight obsession with alpha letters, plus the bold sayings in the Mambi packs.

After church I asked our priest if I could take a photo of him with Chad and the kids. He’s our favorite and I wanted to include him in our album. I used the kraft-colored letters to spell out “We Love Father John.”

We had a photo shoot scheduled on the 22nd, but our photographer had to cancel because her kids were sick. We ended up using my camera and taking the photos ourselves. My mother-in-law Bobbie chose to have our “theme” be plaid this year. Genius, if I do say so myself, as Chad’s favorite shirt is plaid and he’s generally not too into our “themed photos”! I, on the other hand, live for them!!! We got two amazing photos out of the shoot. The first one is of the four of us on the side of the house making funny faces. I love everything about this photo. I knew I had to print it big. I was going back and forth trying to decide if I should add any embellishments – and this is why I LOVE those Mambi Clear Sticks because the white letters blend into the photo – adding a little somethin’ somethin’ without taking away from the photo itself. I used stickers to make the phrase “WE LOVE PLAID” on the bottom.

On the backside of this spread I used our favorite photo of MaMa & PaPa with the kids. Everyone looks great in this photo! I added the saying “This is love, pure love” because, to me, they are all beaming with love!!

Bobbie took a photo of everyone opening our matching Christmas pajamas. I titled the page “Matching Moo Moos” so that you know immediately what we were opening.


I thought it would be fun to cut one of the pocket pages in half so I was able to fit more of our memorabilia in the spread focusing on our trip to see The Rockettes. I’ve seen this done several times before. However, I didn’t like how you could see half of the page behind it. I ended up taping on a strip of four 2x2 squares next to the two 3x4 photos to fill out the whole page. This gave me room to document decorating our tree as well as include the 3D glasses from the show. I used clear packing tape to secure the pockets together and then covered it with decorative washi tape. 



Not every page has to be Christmas focused because not every day in December is about Christmas. I am really happy with how this spread turned out. I kept it very simple and I love how it’s not as Christmas-y as the rest of the album. I used two photos from our craft fair that are very colorful. The top one is of my coffee cup & our yellow bags. In the background is our neighbor’s booth. She makes these crazy fun spandex pants in neon colors!! I loved them! It took all my will power to not buy a pair! I also really like the way a 4x6 photo looks when it’s cut in half. In the last pocket, I included a photo of Chad fixing our flat tire & the photo of Billy (of course). I used a clear sticker that says “My Man” and first stuck it to plain kraft cardstock so it is easier to read.


This December our thermographed Skyline Cards were featured in Rachael Ray’s Every Day magazine. I added this page last because I knew I wanted to remember it. We are also in KonMari mode and I’m trying not to keep extra things in the house. Adding the magazine spread to our December Daily album was the perfect way to have it as a keepsake. I used the full 6x8 pocket page. I laid it on top of the magazine so I could figure our how I wanted to crop the cover. I knew it wouldn’t all fit, but I wanted to keep the main image and as much of the title as possible. I also added two stickers: “This Happened” and “So Awesome”!

On the back side, I cut out a section of the page featuring our cards, plus another excerpt describing them. I also added some journaling at the top and the name “BOXER” in alpha letters vertically! Boxer is the last name of Rachael Ray’s fabulous right hand woman who put in the good word to have our cards featured in the magazine!!


I didn’t have that great of a day on the 17th. In fact, I didn’t take one photo cause I was in such a frustrated mood!! I still wanted to document it so I decided to be a little cheeky. I used one of the clear stickers that say “The Best Day Ever” and added the word “not” in front of it. I then jotted down a list of the unfortunate events that unfolded that morning. I used both a green & black sharpie so the story was a little more animated.


There were a couple overall December memories I wanted to include that weren’t date specific. One of them is our “team” of babysitters. We are so fortunate to have a group of college girls who help us with the kids. Georgia stayed home from school on the 14th & 15th with a cold, so I used these two days to highlight our girls! They always step up when we need them the most. I used the red & green glitter stickers to write out each of their names.


I love taking photos from above, especially of the kids. I think it’s a unique perspective. I did this several times in our album.

Conroy totally thinks Trader Joe’s is an all-you-can-eat buffet! He used to say “nana” as soon as we entered because I’d always let him eat a banana as I shopped. Now that he’s older he generally has a banana, a Babybel cheese wheel, the sample of the day, and possibly a yogurt. This specific day his whole tray was full. It was so hilarious that I had to take a photo. I reached over the stroller and snapped.

This was the first year Georgia was influenced by commercials when it came time for asking for presents – thanks, Nick Jr. Every time the Elsa Frozen Ice Castle came on during an episode of Paw Patrol, Georgia would call me over and have me watch it. “Mom, I want this!” So, she asked Santa! When we walked down the steps on Christmas morning, she saw an enormous box. I asked her if she asked Santa for something that big. She said, “No, mom, I didn’t.” When she saw the Ice Castle behind the box she said, “It didn’t look THAT big in the commercial!!” She loved it! My favorite part about this photo is that she’s wearing her Sofia The First gloves. I also love that the way the sun is coming through the window, it really lights up the castle.

Chad took this photo the morning we were all making Christmas ornaments. The first one he took without us really noticing. Then we smiled for a couple. The one of us working turned out the best and I think it really captures the moment.


I love documenting quotes! I am sure if I didn’t write these down I would definitely forget they were said. Often Georgia asks me to take a photo of something so she can remember it. It’s either something she’s built with legos, a unique food we are eating, something she sees on the street, or something she notices in the sky. I stenciled the quote “Hey Mom, Take A Picture of That”, then cut it out, and glued it over a photo of an airplane flying through the sky. Also on this page I wrote “Dad, Haul the Mail” cause that’s what they say when they want him to go fast!! 

On the 21st we visited Santa. First we stopped at JCPenney to have Conroy’s hair cut (worst haircut to date) and then went into the mall to find Santa. Conroy was so excited. When he saw PaPa, who had went ahead of us, he shouted, “Hey, Papa, Have you seen Santa?” Then when we saw Santa, Conroy ran over to him – skipping and waving!! It was easily the highlight of my day!! 

This year, like last year, we had the kids buy something for each other. When Conroy gave Georgia her present – before she could even open it – he shouted “Georgia, It’s the best Frozen book you’ve ever seen!!” We all laughed!! Mainly because of his enthusiasm, but also because it was the best Frozen book she’d ever seen. She had seen it at the store and really wanted to buy it but, since she was there to pick out a gift for Conroy, we didn’t buy it for her. Chad and Conroy secretly picked it up and bought it for her as the gift from him. She was so happy!!


In this phase of life right now, we are very busy. And, for me, that’s a great thing because I love being busy!!! Sometimes I’ve found, when scrapbooking, recording ALL of what we do can kind of be overwhelming when looking at one spread. Most days I chose to record just one memory or focus on just one story, but on a couple days I wanted to include it all. In some instances I squeezed it all on one page and in others I let it take over two pages.

December first was one of those days I fit it all in. There were three memories I wanted to record. (1) Tuesday mornings being my day to work; (2) Tuesday afternoons being Georgia’s and my time together; and (3) the photo our babysitter took of me reading to the kids. In order to fit it all on the page, I decided to make Georgia & me the focus. I used stickers to title the page “On Tuesdays we eat ice cream.” I put this title over a photo I snapped of my workstation. I like that you can see my cards, the CSI: Cyber DVD menu, and our Christmas tree. The photo of Georgia eating ice cream also shows her practice Gifted & Talented Test packet. I printed out the photo of us reading small and included it in the corner.

On the 19th we traveled to North Carolina. We didn’t leave until the afternoon and had a wonderful relaxed morning at our apartment before we headed to the airport. I knew right away this would be the perfect time to allow the spread to take over multiple pages. I used a pocket page with two 4x6 pockets. To document the morning, I used a photo Chad took from above of us making Christmas ornaments and a photo of Conroy painting them. We made a special ornament for our best friends. I wanted to remember this – and since we gave the ornament to them as a present – including a photo of it in this album is the perfect way to keep this memory.

The second part of the day is remembered with three photos. The top one of Chad & the kids walking with the luggage at the airport I took by running ahead, squatting down, and taking the pic without telling them. Our flight was delayed and we ended up spending six hours at the airport. We pulled out all the tricks in the book to keep the kids occupied. I texted my mom this photo of Chad & Conroy doing an activity book while Georgia watches YouTube videos. The last photo is a tradition we have with MaMa & PaPa – a photo of them with the kids and the sign they made for us at baggage claim. This photo really makes me laugh because it shows how tired the kids were. By this point it was about midnight. Conroy can barely keep his eyes open and Georgia is mid-yawn. It’s perfect.


I saw Amy Tan do a “stamp” page in her album last year and I was immediately obsessed. I knew I wanted to dedicate a whole page to our stamps this year. The joy I had ripping the stamps off the corners of our holiday cards is a little ridiculous but, seriously, I love this page!!

I glued the stamps on a piece of a Starbucks bag. I was debating whether to use the front or the back of the bag and the back won! I love that it has the Starbucks logo and the red berries at the bottom.I also love that is says, “Reuse this bag again and again. Then recycle it – again.” I thought that was very fitting since I was repurposing it for this album.

I also wanted to point out that cute little sticker of our friends’ baby Max! It was part of their return address label and it just makes me smile.




I ended the album just as I did last year – with photos of everyone who came over for the Carter Christmas party. I love that Bobbie insists everyone has their photo taken! I plan to end every album this way.

Also, this year I decided to make an envelope pocket for all of our holiday cards. I used some of the patterned paper and packing tape to turn in into a pouch. I love keeping these cards. Last year I just slipped them into a Starbucks bag, but they kept falling out. I need to go back and secure them better. I know my method for keeping them this year will hold up much better.

Done and done!! I am so happy with how the album turned out this year! I don’t even mind that it took a little bit longer. I love that the whole thing is very cohesive, our memories are documented and it’s not bulging at the seams. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peak inside my album. If you’ve made an album yourself or know someone who has, please let me know. I love seeing how other people document their month!! Now onto 2016 and more memories!!

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Living A Valued Based Life With Intention


Does everyone know Jess Lively? She’s a businesswoman, podcast host, and believes in living life with value-based intentions. I’ve been listening to her podcast, The Lively Show, for about a year now. I can’t even remember how I found it, but I feel like she’s filling the gap that was left when The Oprah Show went off the air. Actually, I kind of feel like she’s my own Oprah because she’s a peer who interviews entrepreneurs and authors who I admire – and in podcast form, I’m able to listen while I work. Her podcast stands out because she puts in the work: she chooses guests her audience wants to hear from, she does her research, and she edits it with her audience in mind – keeping it concise and informative. She does a great job of responding to blog comments, tweets, and Instagram messages! With so much social media these days I feel like it’s almost impossible to keep up so, when a person (or a company) does, it really means a lot. To go back to Oprah…in her farewell show she said, “Everyone wants to feel valued.” We couldn’t agree more and we know Jess gets that 100%.


In September I signed up for one of her free webinars explaining her class “Life With Intention Online.” I went into it thinking, “Okay, this seems cool, but do I really need a workshop to figure out what I value?” Halfway through the webinar I remember thinking, “YES!! I need this. I need to take this class RIGHT NOW!! It’s the perfect time in my life and I’m ready to reevaluate and take on this life of mine…now, hopefully, she isn’t going to charge a million dollars.” At the end of the webinar she revealed the price with added incentives to sign up early. It didn’t feel like she was trying to pressure anyone into doing this. She kept saying, “Ask your intuition…if you feel like this is something you want to do, then join us! If not, then don’t.” I think this is the key to much of her expertise. She is just nice. Not conniving. So before I even asked my intuition, it yelled to me, “Yes, Jaclyn, do this!”

I joined!!! The course is set up in four modules. It lasted the entire month of October (my favorite month) with a new module released each week. Each module is comprised of a series of videos, worksheets, and a live video coaching call. The videos are short, bite-sized, easy to digest. We are talking under 3 minutes each. This is my favorite part of the course. Jess (again) has put in the work. She respects the time of her clients and makes it as easy as possible to understand. The worksheets are the perfect way to connect with the information and not just watch it. (Also, I love a worksheet.) One night – roughly each week – Jess holds a live video coaching call. For me, these coaching calls are what took this workshop from your standard e-course to a personal community of people who care. You could submit questions ahead of time or ask them live on the call. The beauty to this was that Jess didn’t rush through. It wasn’t about getting a sound bite or regurgitating her message. It was about the individual…really talking to them - hearing their concerns, their struggle, and figuring out how to help them get through it. By the end of each call you feel connected to these people. You want the best for them and you feel like they know more about you than even your co-workers do. What sets Jess apart is this…she can phrase her questions or her suggestions in a way that doesn’t sound judgy or “let me tell you how to live your life”. She makes the person she’s talking to feel comfortable. You know she’s on your side. And maybe it’s because she’s removed from the situation, but it lets the person see another interpretation of the situation without getting defensive. I feel like everyone needs someone in their life like this. Thankfully, one of my best friends has a PhD in psychology so she is my go-to girl when I need a fresh perspective, but I can now say that Jess has also helped me see certain things in a different way.

The best way for me to get the most out of something is to have me pay for it. In the same way, I seem to only go to the gym when I pay for a class, I was determined to get the most out of this class since I paid the money to be here. I asked a question on every conference call. Even when I thought, “I totally get this!”, there would be something I learned from talking with Jess. Even just listening to her talk through other people’s questions was extremely helpful.


The modules are set up in such a way that at the end of each one you feel rejuvenated and are excited for the next week. Without giving it all away, I wanted to share two of the many light bulb moments I had during the workshop.

In Module 2 you actually write down your values. Writing down your values – okay that’s easy. What matters to me most in life? First, let me say – there’s so much to gain by actually writing down your values vs. just thinking you know what they are. And my first attempt might be the worst values ever written. Jess says they should feel like a cozy sweater. Here’s my first shot at my values concerning my possessions: “To put effort into both my physical appearance and the appearance of my home so that I feel proud.” Oh my goodness – just reading that stresses me out. I knew I could do better but wasn’t sure how, so when there was a gap in questions, I thought, “Alight, I’ll ask one.” Jess got to the root of my values, we chuckled about what I wrote down, and figured out the exact words that resonated with me. It wasn’t like, “Here’s what you should do later.” We took 10 minutes and did it right there – together!!   Here are my new possession values: “Livable, Comfortable, Put together!” Just reading them puts a smile on my face!! She talked about how you had to find the right values for yourself. For some people “put together” might not feel good but, for me, I love it!!!

Then came Module 3. I had rewritten all my values in the different categories, but was still having some issues with my career values. And that’s when Jess blew my mind and made this entire workshop worth every penny. I told her our situation and she simply said, “You need to ask yourself why you want a career.” The question almost made me vomit!! I think my stomach flipped over. And then she said, “Jaclyn, listen, I’m not saying you can’t have a career – you can! But WHY do you want one?” I had never thought about this. Of course, I want a career…it is who I am. It’s why I decided to stay home, be a full-time mom, and raise our daughter…then immediately started my company, Love Jac. But WHY?!?! I never stopped and asked myself that. I’ve just been going, going, going! That next week I went to my favorite coffee shop and wrote myself a letter (Jess’ suggestion). Oh man, did that feel good! My husband asked to read it, so I printed it out and let him look into my soul. Talk about clarity. Talk about redefining success. So what was “To connect with my community through writing, teaching, and workshops. And To set an example of bringing more fun to life through sending cards, celebrating friendships, and memory keeping.” quickly became “Share Creativity.” I want to be creative and share it with others - from my cards, to teaching Artists & Crafts, to scrapbooking!! It’s all about being creative and sharing it with the world!! In my letter there is also a section about earning money myself and providing for my family, which is the logistical side that I will continue to work on each day. But the values – the most important part – is the creativity and sharing it. Thank you, Jess!! 

In Module 4 we put it all to work. Using her worksheets I was able to clearly set up a plan to continue to reach my values!! I think this will be my go-to exercise to work through any difficult situation. If you know me, you know I love a plan!


I think it’s clear to say I highly recommend this course. Chad has said he notices a real difference in me. I am less stressed and get less worked up. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed I go back to those values. On that same note, when I’m not happy it’s extremely clear now why. I’ll give you one more example. I have two sets of Values for my Personal Habits: #1 to be AWARE & SMART and then #2 to INDULGE & RECHARGE!! Recently when my daughter was home sick from school for several consecutive days, not only was I stuck in an apartment that wasn’t currently livable, comfortable, or put together, but I wasn’t getting any time to indulge or recharge. After hitting a low, my husband suggested he go into work late the next day so I could go to the coffee shop for an hour and a half! I sat there alone in the quiet sipping my café mocha and getting things checked off my to-do list. I was 100% indulging and when I came back home I was completely recharged!! That hour break is the reason I made it through the next couple sick days!! A huge thank you to Chad – the best husband ever – and his boss for understanding family life!

I wanted to share this with you all since that is part of my values, and also because I want to publicly say thank you to Jess – for changing my outlook on life. I completely believe that the way to be happy is to be happy now. Her workshop has given me the tools to know what makes me happy, what makes me feel successful. If any of this seems to be your thing, definitely check out the workshop – or as Jess would say, “Ask your intuition.” She is currently enrolling for the winter session.  If you want get an idea of Jess’ work, then you should 100% listen to her podcast. My favorite episodes are Brooke Castillo, Courtney Carver, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gabrielle Blair, Joy Cho and, of course, Tina Roth-Eisenberg. I hope you enjoy them!!



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Celebrate The Holidays with Love Jac

This holiday season is here and we are so excited! We are looking forward to spending some extra time with family, seeing the excitement Billy The Elf brings to our kids this year, and helping you send love to your friends and family – which is what Love Jac Cards is all about.

Rachael Ray Magazine

We are honored to be featured in the December issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray. The magazine is on newsstands now. Flip to page 15 to see a close-up of our Brooklyn Bridge Skyline Thank You cards. The magazine features our gold thermographed set of six. The show’s senior supervising producer believes in taking a couple minutes to actually write a note to someone and we couldn’t agree more!

Ink Cards

This holiday season Ink Cards has added three of our designs to their app: “Holidays. Duct Tape. Problems Solved”, “Merry Gumdrops”, & “Our traditions fill my heart with happiness.”  You can easily send these to anymore with a couple taps on your phone. The app just introduced their premium cards. These cards are sent in a beautifully embossed envelope and printed on thick, premium card stock. You can now get all of our designs sent with their standard postcard style or upgrade to the premium card at checkout.

Holiday Markets

We will be participating in two holiday markets once again this year. If you live in the New York City area we hope you stop by. We will be having several major sales on our card sets. Plus, we will be selling a limited collection of Holiday Card Making Kits for Kids.

Sunday - December 6th

St. Boniface Christmas Fair

111 Willoughby St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

9:00am to 2:00pm

This will be our fourth year doing the St. Boniface Christmas Fair and it’s still one of our favorites. We believe this market is a hidden gem in Brooklyn to find the most unique gifts for the holidays.

Saturday – December 12

Fort Greene Holiday Market

Arts & Letters School 

220 Clermont Avenue

(btwn DeKalb Ave and Willoughby Ave)

11:00am – 5:00pm

This craft fair is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the whole family. Take a family photo at their photo studio. Then get your holiday shopping done while your kids make crafts. And enjoy some delicious homemade food for lunch. The best part of this fair is that it helps support Arts & Letters – a fantastic school in our neighborhood. Read more about last year's fair - here.


This holiday we are offering two major sales. For every $20 you spend we will throw in a free set of our Season’s Greetings cards or our Merry Christmas cards with codes FREESG & FREEMC. These cards are thermographed on thick card stock. We like to write a short note in them and use them instead of a gift tag!   


Give Artists & Crafts As a Present

We have listed the next session of Artists & Crafts early so you can add it to your child’s holiday wish list. If you are like us and prefer gifts in the form or classes instead of large toys, please forward this link to all grandparents and relatives who want to buy your child something they will truly enjoy.

Inkable Envelope Stamps

For the holiday season we are offering our Inkable Envelope Stamps at 30% off their original value. Discount code: IES30.

We truly hope this holiday season brings you joy and happiness. We wish you nothing but good times with loved ones and as many celebrations as possible. We will be creating a December Daily Album again this year. We have already enjoyed looking back on our album from last year and can’t wait to make more memories in the next month. Billy The Elf Carter will also be visiting us again this year, so be sure to follow along on Instagram! Happy Holidays!!

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Halloween 2015: Sofia The First Costume

My favorite time of year once again provided weeks of craft projects and quality time with my kids. I love late September and the entire month of October. I have always enjoyed the fall, but it’s extra enjoyable now that I’m a mom. I absolutely love making my children’s Halloween costumes. I love searching through stores for the right clothing and fabrics. I love sewing, hot gluing, and crafting everything together. And I absolutely love the excitement they are filled with when they dress up on Halloween. This year did not disappoint. 

This summer while on a vacation with our closest friends we were introduced to Sofia The First. We knew of her before because Georgia received a great gift for her birthday – a book that came with miniature figurines. She loved reading the book and playing with the toys, but it wasn’t until she saw that show that she was hooked. After that we set our DVR to record every episode.

For those of you who don’t know, Sofia was a girl in the village doing all right, then she became a princess overnight. (It’s all in the theme song.) Her mom married the king and she became a princess and gained twin step-siblings – Amber & James. She wears a necklace (her amulet) that gives her magical powers when she does something nice. One of those magical powers is the ability to talk to animals. 

Here’s the main reason we LOVE Sofia – she is nice. And, honestly, that’s my main focus while raising our children. I just want them to be nice human beings. So after watching a couple episodes, I gave Sofia my “Mom Stamp of Approval” and I too became a little obsessed with the kind princess. This is where advertisers can get you! One romantic date night at Target with Chad, I almost couldn’t help myself. I wanted to buy every item with Sofia’s face on it. I knew Georgia would just love it. Looking at our shopping cart, we felt a little ridiculous, so we paired down the items to a Sofia The First thermos and some stickers. 

When Georgia announced she wanted to be Sofia for Halloween, I was equally as excited. I knew this could be my last chance to make Georgia’s costume. I am determined to keep this holiday focused on her and am savoring every second she wants me to be a part of the experience! To get her excited I knew I wanted to have her help with as much as we could.

First stop – a fabric store in the burbs! We found the closest JoAnn Fabrics to my grandparents’ house and stopped there one weekend while we were visiting them. I know many blogs post tutorials about how to save money by making your Halloween costume yourself. This is NOT one of those posts. The Sofia dress was on sale at Target for $20. I could have easily bought it and been done, but I wanted to make it with Georgia. Georgia and I were in heaven at the fabric store…each aisle got prettier and prettier. It’s hard to say no to a four-year-old when you too want to buy the gorgeous sparkly purple chiffon fabric. So I didn’t. I said yes and we were giddy.

When we checked out we had spent $60 on everything from fabric for the dress, jewels for Sofia’s amulet, and some extra fabric that would be perfect for a custom Elsa cape! I had to mentally fight back my slight physical anxiety attack creeping up. This was for the experience – and that’s priceless!!

Now if you’ve read about our past Halloween costumes, you know I kinda just wing it when it comes to sewing. Winging a peach costume or a draped Statue of Liberty costume is one thing, winging a dress is a little more nerve-racking. Because I didn’t want to ruin the luxurious fabric we had bought at JoAnn’s, Georgia and I stopped at our neighborhood fabric shop and picked up a couple yards of basic cotton fabric for under five dollars. I used it to wing my own pattern.

I started with the skirt. I guessed on the length and then folded the fabric into what I thought was six panels. Sofia’s dress is scalloped, so I cut a rounded edge on the bottom. When I unfolded it, it turns out I had eight panels, but luck was on my side and the fabric was so long I was able to cut off two panels and still had plenty of fabric.

When Georgia got home from school I held my “pattern” up to her, determined the length, and cut the extra fabric off the top. Next I ironed the purple satin fabric and pinned the pattern to it.

Once it was cut out, I then held it up to Georgia and eyeballed the pleats. I sewed one inch pleats all the way around, tried it on her again, and sewed one more pleat on each side so that it fit her correctly. We had a skirt!

For the top I made a “pattern” using the cotton fabric based on one of her dresses. I tried it on Georgia and it wouldn’t even fit over her head. I went back to the cotton fabric, tried two more times, and determined the right size. I then pinned it to the purple satin and cut it out. Nothing fancy, just a simple top.

Now if you are a true seamstress, you might be thinking, “Why doesn’t she just use a pattern from the store? That would be a whole lot easier.” And the more I sew, the more I agree with you.

This is where I truly believe my sewing machine is magic. It was my grandma’s machine and I feel so connected to her when I use it. Sewing with it allows me to share her story with Georgia. As I sat in front of the machine, I imagined how I could sew the top and bottom pieces together so that when I unfolded it, it would be a dress with all the right sides facing the right way. I asked my grandma for guidance and went for it. After I ran it through the machine I slowly unfolded it, shook it a couple times, and volia! I sewed a dress!! I was amazed!! It was an actual dress and Georgia loved it!!

I decided to sew in a zipper to make it much easier to put on and take off. I didn’t incorporate any elastic, so the dress didn’t have much give. I used a 16-inch zipper that went down the back. I simply pinned it where I wanted it to go, cut the dress in the zipper opening, and then sewed the zipper to the dress. Pretty straight forward. Completely unorthodox!

Now the real fun began: embellishing!! I worked on the embellishments over the course of a week, doing a little at a time whenever I could find a moment. I hand-sewed a string of pearls along the neckline and the bottom of the skirt.

Next I used a string of dark purple sequins to sew the loop design on the front of the dress. Also, on the front of Sofia’s dress are two vertical purple lines with bigger pearls spaced out. I had forgotten to get some single pearls while at JoAnn’s. The day before Halloween I went back to our neighborhood fabric store. I bought a handful I thought would work, but when I got home they lay flat against the fabric. They sort of hung there sadly. As a last resort, I raided my button stash and found several iridescent buttons that worked beautifully.

We started this project in late September, but somehow Halloween crept up on us. The week of Halloween I realized I didn’t really have a plan for Sofia’s signature flower design on each scallop of her dress. I had my husband stop at Michaels on his way home from work to buy some white fabric paint. I googled “Sofia Flower Template” and found the design. I sized it in Photoshop, printed it out, traced it onto cardstock, and cut out a simple homemade stencil.

I then traced all the flowers on the dress. I decided to use a yellow marker because I thought it would show up the least. I am glad I didn’t choose purple because in fact when I painted white over the yellow marker it bled a little. Luckily, no one even noticed. I thought it is worth noting here so if you are trying this at home, you won’t make the same mistake. You’d be better off using sewing chalk or tracing paper. I painted the flowers and let them dry under a fan overnight. 

Sofia also has an additional layer of pearls draped midway down her dress. This is where I used that beautiful jeweled chiffon fabric. I simply cut two U-shaped pieces, hemmed them, and then pinned them to the dress.

I pinned the middle and the back first and then pleated where I needed so that it was tight against the fabric. I hand-sewed it on. If I were doing this ahead of time, I would have incorporated this in the step when I sewed the top and bottom together. The addition of this fabric truly made the dress look magical.

Sofia’s signature accessory is her magical amulet. It’s her necklace that gives her special powers when she is nice to people. I knew this would be a fun DIY project Georgia and I could do together.

We worked on it one afternoon in early October while Conroy napped. We bought two packs of purple beads from JoAnn’s and one big teardrop crystal.

To make it purple we mod-podged glitter on the backside of the crystal. We used a simple wire to secure it to the string.

Originally we bought thin elastic for the necklace, but it wasn’t thin enough to go through the beads. As a quick solution, we used purple embroidery thread and tied it to the hardware of an old necklace. This worked out pretty nicely because it made it easy to get on and off.

As a special surprise for Georgia, Conroy and I bought her a Clover doll at Target. Clover is Sofia’s rabbit friend. He’s voiced by Wayne Brady, which is extra fun for me since my first job in television was on The Wayne Brady Show. She loved it!

Very late the night before Georgia’s school Halloween party I embellished an old tiara with purple glittered hot glue. Have you used this? I saw it at the craft store and impulsively bought it because – Hello, it’s glittered hot glue!! Obviously, I would need this in my life. And that night was the exact time I needed it. When I showed her in the morning, she was thrilled.

What made this dress a true princess dress was the southern belle underdress we found at a yard sale. One weekend while visiting my parents I spotted it while driving by and quickly made the nearest U-turn! It has two hoops in it and makes the dress puffy. It had pink ribbon on the bottom, so I simply sewed a purple ribbon over it.

To complete the whole look, Georgia wore purple sparkly dress shoes I found at H&M.

I truly enjoyed making this dress. This past month I took Jess Lively’s online class – Life With Intention. In it she told a story about how you could make someone a gift. Say it takes you three hours, then you give it to the person and they don’t really like it. Immediately your “ego” takes over and ruins the whole experience for you. The ego has taken away all the joy you had those three hours. While I was sewing the dress (and listening to some of the Life with Intention Member Stories), I was truly immersed in the creative process and allowed myself to enjoy it 100%. Another way of saying this, to quote a recent episode of Sofia The First, “It’s about enjoying the process, not making it perfect.”

The icing on the cake here is – Georgia loved it!! She had a blast at school and trick-or-treating with her friend Zach in Boston.

On our way home from Boston, Chad asked Georgia what makes her happy. She said, “Wearing my Sofia dress, of course.” I essentially burst into tears in the passenger seat of our minivan! How great is this kid?

We hope this inspires you to get crafty and share the experience with someone. If you have children it’s never too early to let them enjoy creating things by hand and use their imagination. Until next year, I will be thinking of excuses to dress my kids up in costumes we craft together!

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Halloween 2015: Daniel Tiger Costume

You know I love a family themed costume! This year Georgia was set on being Sofia The First. Originally I figured that meant we would all dress as The First Royal Family. However, as much as Conroy loves Sofia, he wasn’t into dressing up as Prince James. That’s when I decided to forget about having coordinating costumes and focus on making sure Conroy was as excited about my favorite holiday as Georgia was.

We first considered being Max from Where The Wild Things Are. It was his favorite book and he loved acting out all of Max’s poses on each page. He liked the idea, but it wasn’t sticking. Then one day I thought – who does he love more than anyone? -Duh. Daniel Tiger. He’s always singing the songs from the show and we have borrowed every Daniel Tiger book we could find from the library. Then one week in our art class when I was asking the students what they were planning to be for Halloween, Conroy shouted, “I am going to be Daniel Tiger.” He was so excited! I took that as my go-ahead to get to work on his costume.

Daniel Tiger is the new version of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. It’s an animated series featuring the children of your favorite Mr. Rogers’ characters – Daniel’s friend Prince Wednesday is King Friday’s son and Miss Elana is Lady Elane’s daughter. They ride “Trolley” every episode and sing a tune to help teach that day’s lesson. Some of our favorites include “Try new foods cause they might taste goo—ood” and “Stop and Listen to be safe.” 

This teaching method is genius. One time after Georgia watched an episode I asked her what the lesson was. She looked at me blankly. I said, “What did you learn?” Still nothing. Then I said, “What was the song?” She said, “Oh, when you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath, and count to four. One-two-three-four.”

One of Conroy’s favorite songs to sing is “It’s ok to be sad sometimes, little by little, you’ll feel better, again.” Chad says he’s a two-year-old singing the blues. Dressing up as Daniel just prompted many more spontaneous adorable sing-a-longs.

I could have bought a costume off the internet, but doing that didn’t feel right. Instead, we spent one solid Friday morning going into every store in Downtown Brooklyn searching for the supplies to put together a Daniel Tiger Costume. We found the perfect mustard yellow turtleneck at Cookies for three dollars and then hit up Kids Foot Locker for Daniel’s classic red Converse low-tops. Again, this is where I’m a little wack-a-do with money. I wouldn’t spend the $45 dollars for the costume on the internet, but I happily paid $30 for his red chucks! Rationalizing this to myself – he does love those shoes. Red is his favorite color. Plus, he has worn them many times since I bought them. We already had a red sweater from last Christmas, so that was one less thing we had to buy.

After several hours of searching, we came up empty when it came to Daniel’s pants.

Now – if you know Daniel Tiger – you know he doesn’t wear pants – what?!? Why doesn’t he wear pants? And neither does his dad, but his mom does? And when he’s swimming he wears swim trunks and when he sleeps he wears pajama pants….It’s a whole other discussion that I don’t have an answer to.

For our costume, Conroy’s pants would be his Daniel Tiger fur. He’d also need a tail and a hat with ears. One day I quickly stopped in our neighborhood fabric store on the way to pick up Georgia from school. This store is a hidden gem. They have spools and spools of six-foot tall fabric, packed into a narrow store. You literally have to step over the fabric to get to the back. And don’t even try to get in there with a stroller. It’s impossible. As I ran through the store like I was on an episode of Project Runway I found a match to the turtleneck I had already bought. It was a little spandex-y, but I knew it would work. I bought a yard and raced to Georgia’s school just in time to get there before dismissal.

I love the internet. I’ve said this before, but it’s so true. Again, I don’t really know how to sew, but I do know how to search YouTube. In a few seconds I found an easy tutorial for “Easy Child Pants.” I watched the video twice, then printed out the free pattern from

It couldn’t have been easier. I then clicked around Angel’s site and found a pattern for a bear hat – which resembled Daniel’s ears the best. I sewed a simple tail, stuffed it with filling, and attached it to the pants. In retrospect, I probably should have sewn the tail first & included it while I was making the pants, but I just used the seam ripper to make space for the tail and then sewed it back up.

When I was trying to figure out the right color felt for his stripes, I wasn’t happy with the dark brown. Daniel isn’t your typical orange and black tiger. He’s more of a mustard yellow and light brown cat. The day before their school Halloween party, I went back to our local fabric store in search of the right brown. They didn’t have it in fleece so I bought a light brown velveteen. I used paper to cut out a pattern for the stripes. I pinned and sewed them on. This is another part you’d probably want to do before you sew the pants together. It wasn’t the easiest, but I was able to sew on the stripes using the machine without sewing the pant leg closed. The same goes for the tail. I probably should have sewed the stripes on first but since I didn’t, I just made simple loops and slipped them over the tail.

The tiger ears and hat were my favorite. I watched Fleece Fun’s YouTube video and first thought, is that going to work? Then I did it, turned the ear right side out and – oh my cuteness!!! I had made the best little ear ever.

For the inside of the ear I used a light brown felt I had on hand. I attached the ears to the piece of the hat, sewed, and voila! I had a hat! Sewing is magic!! (Note to all other amateur seamstresses: When sewing the top of the hat – don’t sew the “v” on your first pass. You have to sew everything else, then fold the fabric the other way and sew the “v” straight. That’s what makes it fit your head, instead of having a random “v” at the top.” Angel casually says this. I’m sure anyone who really knows how to sew knows this, but the first time I did it, I messed it up, wondered why my hat looked odd, watched the video again, then realized my mistake.)

I made a quick watch using dark brown and white felt. I sewed on a simple button so we could easily take it on and off.

Conroy really wanted Chad to be Dad Tiger and when that kid asks you to be Dad Tiger you don’t say no, even if Dad Tiger’s signature hoodie is Duke Blue – and you’re more of a Carolina Blue guy. Knowing the severity of the UNC/ Duke rivalry, I asked Chad if it was ok for me to buy him a “blue” hoodie for Halloween. Chad agreed saying, “It’s just for Halloween.” I found the perfect hoodie at Old Navy that was the most Dad Tiger and the least Duke Blue I could find. Thanks to, I was able to print out a pattern for an adult sized hat with ears. I just sewed a longer tail and safety pinned it to the bottom of the hoodie.

My original plan was to be Sofia The First’s mom – Queen Miranda, since Chad was being Daniel Tiger’s dad. I fell short on time and I didn’t have a pink gown in my closet. Conroy kept asking me to be Mom Tiger. The day before Halloween I cleared it with Georgia - she was totally fine with it - and I sewed myself a quick tiger hat. If I had more time I would have gotten myself a white and purple Hawaiian shirt, but it just didn’t happen. And really, no one minded.

Conroy wore his costume on the Friday before Halloween to drop Georgia off at school and see his teacher. Then he wore it to dance class where we took a couple photos with his friends. I seriously love this holiday.

What’s cuter than little kiddos dressed up!?!? For Halloween we drove up to Boston for trick-or-treating with my best friend and her kids. It was a beautiful night. The city blocked off the street so the kids could walk safely and the houses were decorated to the nines!!

Conroy loves to tell you how he dressed up for Halloween as Daniel Tiger. He likes to follow up that fact with a rendition of a song. The last one he sang to my friend while we were having lunch was “Thank you for everything you do” – which was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

If you have a toddler, we highly recommend Daniel Tiger. It’s a great show that both our kids have learned a lot from. It’s nice to be able to solve life’s problems by singing a song. If your child is a huge Daniel Tiger fan, we hope this has inspired you to put together your own costume. Conroy is very proud of his red Converse and his red sweater every time he wears them – even after Halloween.


Ugga Mugga!

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