Women You Should Know Holiday Market Place

We are excited to announce that Women You Should Know selected us to be part of their inaugural Holiday Market Place.

We are featured along with a handful of other talented women. They specifically chose our pack of “The Cards You Need When You Need Them.” This bundle of 5 handmade greeting cards includes our top sellers in our signature photo mounted series. Keep them in your desk at work or a drawer at home so you are ready to brighten someone’s day right when they need it most.


In honor of this feature, we also recently added 4 other card bundles for purchase on our website. Formerly only available at our market locations, you can now have the following packs mailed right to your door.

“Never Show Up Without A Birthday Card Again”


How many times have you stopped at your local drug store on your way to a party only to find lame cards and were forced to buy one? Well, not anymore. With this pack of cards you will always have a bright and beautiful birthday card for your next party.

“When Did We Become Adults”

Are you at that point in life where you feel like you’re constantly going to a wedding or meeting your friend’s new baby? We’re here to help you embrace adulthood. Stock up on the cards you know you’ll need soon and be the first to congratulate your friends.

“One Year Survival Pack”

Need some cards to get you through the year? We are here to help. This pack of 5 cards won’t let you miss the most important holidays.

“You’re more likely to send that THANK YOU... if you already have the card!”


Say goodbye to the hassle of running to the store, finding the right card, and standing in line to buy it all before you can tell your friend how thankful you are. Having these 5 beautiful nature-inspired thank you cards on hand will allow you to send your note right away.

These bundles make great gifts for the holidays. WYSK’s website says it best, “One of the greatest gifts a woman can receive is the support of another woman.” Happy Shopping! We hope we just made it a little easier for you.

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