All About Love Jac



Officially formed in 2011, Love Jac is a growing company. With over 100 greeting card designs and a lifestyle blog devoted to enjoying life and bringing the fun, Love Jac has helped thousands of people stay connected with their friends. The company has also expanded beyond greeting cards and currently Jaclyn teaches an art class, “Artists & Crafts,” where she introduces toddlers to famous artists and encourages the children to create their own age-appropriate masterpieces.


Jaclyn has been making cards her whole life and having this company has always been a goal of hers. Educated in television production at Emerson College, she went on to work for several Emmy Winning Talk Shows, including The Rachael Ray Show. After giving birth to her daughter Georgia, she decided to stay home and take on the most difficult, but most rewarding, job she’s ever had. Once home with Georgia, she took advantage of nap times and entered PowerUp, a small business competition sponsored by The Brooklyn Public Library, where she won 2nd place. The win catapulted her business and she hasn’t looked back since. As all moms do, she is always trying to find the balance between mom-mode and work-mode to keep both her family and her company thriving. She strongly believes that running the company makes her a better friend, wife, and mother.