Artists & Crafts is a 45-minute child/caregiver class for children ages 2-4 years old.  We will expose your child to famous artists and encourage them to create their own masterpieces.

Each week we focus on a famous artist, create an age-appropriate craft highlighting that artist, and expose your little one to a new art technique.  We keep things moving with songs, books, play-doh time, and a color of the day each week. Plus, at the end of each class your little one will make a greeting card that you can mail to a loved one. (Grandparents love this!)

Artists & Crafts classes are held at Brooklyn Explorers Academy in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and Treasure Trunk Theater in Brooklyn Heights!


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A short breakdown of our class can be found here.  You can read more about how this class began here. And you can click here to watch a short video of some of our past art projects.



Snail Mail 101 is an online course that will help you get organized and motivate you to become a friend who mails card regularly.  We break down the elements of sending letters and give you tips for incorporating them into your life in today's world.  Consider this snail mail bootcamp for the tech age.  We focus on making card sending fun and give you permission to loose the guilt.  In addition to our positive videos and corresponding worksheets, you will also gain access to our private facebook group.   You can sign up here.


Love Jac Scrapbooks!!


Love Jac Scrapbooks are based in gratitude and the desire to make the most of life.  The goal is to capture all those moments, experiences, and memories - big and small - that combine to paint the full picture of your life.  We help you create and then document those moments in a fun personalized style. We prompt you to tell the story you’ll want to share with your family and friends.  A Love Jac Scrapbook is a work of art because you make it with your two hands and it can be used to help you connect with those who flip through your memories.  

Details for our next workshop coming soon!!