Mother's Day Card Making Time!!

For the past several years on Mother’s Day I’ve woken up not to breakfast in bed, but to my husband scrambling to make a card with my children to give to me. I’m not sharing this to speak negatively of my husband; in fact, I think he’s the most incredible dad out there. He’s so busy helping with everything else, buying a card isn’t on his radar. That being said, as a mom I treasure that card. As a card designer I want to help him and the rest of the husbands out there who might be too busy to remember (or even know) how much we love that card.

I am thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Sawyer to host an event just in time for Mother’s Day. On Saturday April 30th, the weekend before Mother’s Day, we will be at Der Schwarze Kolner (aka DSK) in Fort Greene to help your little one create a handmade Mother’s Day Card.  Send your husband, babysitter, or friend with your child. You get some time to yourself, your partner gets to have beer, your child makes a fabulous card, and then a week later you get to spend Mother’s Day together as a family with one memorable card to document the year.  

Hope to see you there!! You can RSVP at  If you have any questions feel free to email me at


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