Creating Together at the BPL's Skill Share

We wanted to thank everyone who came out to this past Saturday to the Brooklyn Public Library Skill Share! We taught a class on letter writing and decorating your envelopes.

The room sat eight, but we squeezed in nine, and the conversation about connecting through snail mail began. We loved hearing what people saved and how often they wrote letters…a beautiful box that held all Rae’s paper treasures to the countless postcards Susan sent that filled her with joy. There was Alex and Lori who told us about the love letters* they wrote each other before they were married. (*note: “love letters” were my words, but judging by the smile on both of their faces, I’d say I guessed accurately.)

Rita was there because she loved expressing her creativity and her envelopes were some of our favorites. I had previously met Tazhiana at the Planner’s Night Out hosted by Michaels and she shared some of her beautiful “flip books” with us!! The general excitement everyone had about this topic was contagious!

Kasimira was our youngest letter lover and it was so refreshing to see her take on it. Influenced by her mom Rae, but completely fueled by her own passion to write, she sent letters to her friends in Texas.

Ella popped in after teaching her Skill Share on weaving and was equally as talented at creating paper art. Rosalyn was our ninth friend and I’m so glad she stayed despite using a stool as her work station.

Everyone added something to the class and while I did provide the structure plus several tips and techniques, the real wealth was being in the room with other creatives making art.

We plan to teach more classes like this in the future. We loved setting up the table and providing everyone with a gift bag – including one of our greeting cards!  Plus, who doesn’t love free washi tape? If you’re interested in a class like this, please sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know the next time we host a class.   

A final BIG thank you to the Brooklyn Public Library for all their support in our business!!!

It was truly a pleasure to meet all the lovely creatives who came out on Saturday!!  We know that your friends will be filled with happiness when they receive your beautiful envelopes!!  We look forward to seeing your again soon!


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Jackie, I enjoyed your class immensely. And thank you for allowing me to “squeeze” in. Your presentation was so well organized, and informative to a new way of crafting. I love learning new ideas.

I am interested in purchasing your stamps with the price you mentioned. Is it possible to meet you on a Wednesday morning at the music school and purchase in person?

I wish you much more success in your endeavors.

Rosalyn Ayers

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