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Have You Met Jenipher Lyn?

It’s a crazy story, but thanks to Instagram and the niceness of people, I became aware of Jenipher Lyn.  I was looking for a copy of Emma Magazine and commented on a photo the magazine posted to Instagram.  Jenipher replied to my comment and let me know there were copies in Union Square.  She also told me that one of her “doodles” was featured in the magazine.  I thought that was incredibly kind of her so started following her. 

Her account gives you a very personal look into her world. While going through a hard time in life she started drawing “Nightly Doodles” to help her stay inspired and be accountable.  This project led to her writing (or doodling - if you will) a motivating book for tweens and teens titled “How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular Saved My Life.” 

She truly puts herself out there and is inspiring others every day.  Her Instagram feed shows what a hard working artist she is.  I instantly connected to her honesty and desire to help others.  Also through Instagram I realized she was actual friends with my actual friend Margot Miller.  They had taken an illustration class together and meet for coffee often to keep in touch. 

While at The National Stationery Show, Jenipher walked into my booth.   I had to introduce myself.  This girl is easy to recognize -  with her unique style and positive energy pouring out into the world, you can’t help but smile.  We chatted briefly.  She was her Instagram feed personified. 

When Jenipher asked me to be a part of her Book Launch Blog Party I said yes immediately.  So many of my cards were created to help a friend who is going through a tough time. 






Jenipher has been having a Book Launch Blog Party to get people talking about different topics in her book.  This week’s topic is ambition.  She asked me my thoughts...hope you enjoy...

I have always been an ambitious person.  I get it from my parents.  I like to do the best I can at everything I do.  I know the reason my greeting card company has succeeded is because of that ambition.  I enjoy working hard. 

Sometimes I struggle with stopping that ambition from taking over my actual happiness.  I went to Emerson College, which is incredibly competitive.  I would often be in 10 different clubs and organizations - directing shows, producing shows, volunteering my time -  however, I would still feel like I wasn’t doing enough because there were people doing more.

One of my best friends recently said it best, “We are gold star people, we see the gold star and have to have it.  We will work our butts off to get it.  But don’t forget there are lots of other stars - red stars, blue stars, silver stars - that can make you happy too.  They might actually even make you happier than that gold star.”  I think about this often.  If I’m getting overwhelmed or I feel like there is more I could be achieving, I stop and think about what really matters.

I love being ambitious.  I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to.  It’s who I am.  However, now – as a woman in my 30’s – I can appreciate being content with my life right now as it is.  I have worked hard to get where I am and I believe that if you don’t enjoy your daily life, what’s the point of all that ambition!


  1. Make A List & Highlight It: Sometimes I feel like I wouldn’t get anything done if I didn’t write it down.  I make a list every morning.  I include things that I know will happen like “Make My Bed” or “Go to Trader Joe’s” just to give myself a little encourage along the way.  Instead of crossing things off, I recently started highlighting them.  At the end of the day the whole page is bright orange and makes me smile.
  1. Don’t Worry About How Long It Takes: Why does it seem like everything takes so much longer than I expect it to?  Even if you had hoped to get something done in an afternoon and it took you the whole week, you still got it done!  Keep moving forward and eventually you will reach your goal.
  1. Schedule In The Fun:  For those of us who are ambitious, it might seem like all we do is work, work, work! That’s why I now schedule in time to get my nails done, have a date night with my husband, or go on an adventure with the kids.  It’s kinda like I’m tricking myself to relax for a minute, but hey, it works!!

It was fun to meet Jenipher in person.  She pretty much defines the word “ambitious” and is clearly enjoying every moment, one doodle at a time.  We wish her nothing but happiness and success.  Be sure to buy a copy of her book.  If you know someone who is going through a hard time, it might just be what they need to help them get through it.


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