The Return of the Blog - September 2014

I am so excited to be back to blogging! I just passed the first anniversary of being a mom to two kids (aka Conroy’s first birthday) and I’m so excited for what’s next. As my friends and I say… our family has been “in the trenches” for the past year.   Taking care of an infant leaves little time for anything else including the basics, such as showering and sleeping, let alone weekly blogging. As Conroy gets older and more independent, we get a little more sleep and are slowly getting our lives back. This time – since it’s my second go at it - I know what the next six months has in store for us and while I do see the light, I know we will basically have to climb our way out of this trench!! Conroy can walk now - which is amazing – but it also means I literally don’t stop moving all day as I follow him everywhere. I am up for the challenge and I am ready!


Summer Refresh

Over the summer we were lucky enough to spend two weeks in North Carolina with Chad’s family. During that time we were able to get some much needed rest, exercise, and the time to plan for this coming year. We have put a specific plan on paper so that we can share many things that have happened over the past year (most importantly, my best friend’s wedding), as well as things we are looking forward to (finally joining Etsy and introducing you to our newest retailers). In the past blogging has allowed us to truly enjoy the crafty moments of our life and we can’t wait to do it again. As Georgia gets older, the craft projects get more fun and we look forward to documenting and sharing it all.



Project Life

Just before Conroy was born we bought all of the products to start “Project Life” to help us record his life. Project Life is a simple way of scrapbooking that consists of putting photos & decorative cards into photo sleeves…no need to glue, cut, or stare at a blank page. I thought this would be so easy to do. I guess I forgot I had an infant because 6 weeks went by, then 3 months, then 9 months, and now it’s been a year. Instead of trying to backtrack, I decided to fully commit to Project Life for his second year of life and share the process with you.

One post a month will be dedicated to Project Life. We chose to do this for two reasons. First- I have really fallen in love with the scrapbooking community – project lifers specifically. We want to be a part of that community and we feel lucky enough to have this blog to do just that. Second – blogging helps us stay accountable. While in North Carolina this summer we gave ourselves a workout challenge. If it wasn’t for our daily Instagram posts, we would have quit on day three. There are so many things we love about Project Life and we can’t wait to share it all with you.


Cards & Customers

We will also profile some of our favorite cards, feature customers who have sent them and friends who have received them. This, in fact, is the best part of creating the cards and running a greeting card company so it is a MUST that we dedicate some space on the Internet for it.


Monthly Emails

We will be emailing you just once a month! If you are like us, your inbox gets flooded with emails. By emailing you less, we will be able to give you more information per email.


Let’s Do This!

All being said, we are ready to START so let’s do this!! Right now you can check out our most recent blogs – My Best Friend’s Wedding (Invitations) and Blog Hop! Check back next week to see our Summer Project Life Album!

You can now see a list of all our retailers HERE on the new page we created. It also contains links to the articles about why we love them.

We are also excited to announce that we will be teaching Brooklyn Arts & Crafts again, in affiliation with Hank & Jojo, at a new location. You can find us Wednesdays at 10:15am at Brooklyn Music School. If you are in New York City and have a child between the ages two and four, you can sign up HERE!

Fall has always been our favorite time of year – and this year it’s even sweeter. We feel incredibly blessed - a growing business, a supportive husband, two hilarious and adorable children, a healthy family, and a place to share it all. Thank you all for caring. Let the blogging begin!!

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