A Perfect Day at The Pitman Craft Show

This past Saturday we set up shop at The Pitman Craft Show. The day was perfect!! The weather was a crisp 70 degrees with the sun shining brightly. The show was so organized that it couldn’t have run smoother. Our directions were spelled out on a bright yellow leaflet (that also served as our admittance pass). Police escorts and show volunteers directed our van right behind our assigned 10x10 booth space. Unloading could not have been easier.

We set up next to booths filled with autumn themed decorations and handmade accessories. Our neighbor to the left was an older woman, affectionately referred to as Me-Maw, who had her team of adult children and teenage granddaughters helping her set up her displays and products. Our neighbor to the right was an eclectic gentleman with an elaborate set-up, which included mannequins and spinning racks. Everyone was friendly which made setting up at 7am as delightful as possible. Plus, with my Wawa Mocha in hand, I knew this day was going to be great!!

After we did all the heavy lifting my dad brought Georgia, who jumped right in as head cashier and promotional front woman!  I took her to check out the booth we luckily were positioned across from – Dazzling Doodles – a face-painting artist. Georgia did not hesitate and immediately chose to have her face painted like a cute puppy!! Then it was back to work. She handed out postcards and thanked people for shopping! Having her by our side was so much fun. She’d occasionally take a break to climb the big tree in the middle of Pitman or to check out who was getting their face painted at Dazzling Doodles. Georgia has been asking to help sell my cards for months now. She absolutely loves going to work with Chad, so having her help me out as well was so much fun!

The day was filled with visits from family and friends! My Aunt Karen & cousin Jane were the first to arrive! Jane found Georgia and of course had to have her face painted to match! Once Conroy woke up from his nap, my mom brought him by –dressed in his Pitman Orange. My Aunt Patti and Uncle Dave stopped by as well. My cousin Elizabeth came around to say hi and introduced us to her boyfriend and Katrina’s mom and dad drove up to stock up on their greeting card supply. Seeing the faces of all these people I love so much made a day of selling cards that much more meaningful.  

We were happy to meet many new customers as well. This is, in fact, our favorite part of doing a craft fair. We met locals who were “card people”…from people who made their own cards to ones who loved sending cards. We talked shop – collaging, stamping, hand embossing!! We loved hearing about the future card receivers too… weddings, birthdays, and good bowlers!!  We met teachers and other entrepreneurs. We met people – who if they lived in Brooklyn – we are sure we’d be friends with. It’s always fun to meet people with cool jobs (i.e., Trader Joe’s) and cool kids (i.e., interning at Philly’s hottest radio station – Q102.) There were lots of children in strollers and families spending the day together. We feel so fortunate that we can also include ourselves in that group! Spending the day with our family – whether it’s in Brooklyn at a Volleyball game or in Pitman selling cards at a craft fair – is by far our favorite thing to do! 

Thanks to everyone who came out, said hello, gave hugs, and bought some cards!! If you live in South Jersey and are looking for a fun unofficial kick-off to the beginning of fall – The Pitman Craft Show is the place to be! Hope to do it again next year!!

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Congratulations on a successful show! It looked like a beautiful event and your booth was so colorful- tons of good energy! I can’t wait to see your holiday card lineup.

Well done! – to both you and Georgia :-)


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