We Love October - 2014 Edition

We can confidently say October is our favorite month! The fall is here and that means sweaters, crisp air, and pumpkin-everything!


October is also the month of my birthday – which is what made it my favorite month as a child. And to be honest, I’ve had some pretty amazing adult celebrations as well. We are birthday people in our house!!

Chad, Georgia, Me, Scott, & Shannon Trapeze-ing on my 30th

It’s also the month Chad & I got married. This year is our 5th year anniversary and we are celebrating it kid-free in the city where we fell in love!!

Finally – October is when we celebrate Halloween - our favorite holiday.   Yes, we are those people who like to celebrate Halloween as much as possible!! We have already made a list of Halloween crafts we plan to do. Plus, there’s our actual Halloween costume!


Another fun addition to October’s agenda this year is my personal #exercisemymoneysworth challenge. After the success of our #cartercarolinacrunch, I joined the gym here in Brooklyn – thinking I would go. It was a three-month membership and for the first two months I went a total of ONE time! When I realized I just paid full price for 3 months for just one actual visit, I decided to set a plan in motion. Determined to get my money’s worth, I decided to lean on the encouragement of our Instagram and Facebook friends to hold me accountable. I drew up a calendar and planned out ten days I could go to the gym before my membership expires on October 22nd. So far, I’ve been three times and it feels amazing!! I am actually one visit ahead of schedule. If you are interested in cheering me along, I’d love to have the support!


We hope you are all enjoying your October as much as we are! If you are looking for a fun craft project – don’t forget about our favorite Apple Stamped Jack-O-Lantern Cards.

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