Our Elf on the Shelf Story

Who’s ready to join the fun of The Elf on The Shelf with us? Georgia is now at the age where she is fully into the magic of the Christmas season and we are ready to make this one of our traditions!

We first received The Elf on The Shelf when I was pregnant with Georgia. For the record, this is way too early. When Georgia was about one and a half years old (still too early) my dad read her the book, named our elf Billy, and let Georgia hold him. From that point on, Billy has been a part of our family. Along with Charlotte (her Cabbage Patch doll), Casey (her American Girl doll), and Mr. Bear (her first Teddy Bear), Billy has cuddled with Georgia at night, scooted to the playground, and gone on countless adventures. All of these things are strictly against the Elf on the Shelf rules.

In the meantime, my parents bought Georgia the Elf on The Shelf movie. One random afternoon – nowhere close to Christmas – we popped it in the BluRay Player. We can tell you we were shockingly surprised. It is a great little animated movie! It’s only 23 minutes and tells a cute story about believing in the magic of Christmas.

We’ve watched this movie countless times. Each time Chippey the Elf is about to go down the conveyer belt in his box like a rollercoaster she screams, “Mom, come watch, it’s your favorite part”! What can I say? It reminds me of that promo before the movies in the good old days. Georgia and I stretch our arms in the air and say, “whoooaaahh!”

It also has a great song and dance number – Extravaganzalorious! Let’s just say Georgia and I just might know all the choreography and perform it every time we watch it. This might be one of my favorite things we do together.

This year Georgia is three and a half (which she will be the first to tell you) and we are finally ready for Billy to be magic! Since we’ve broken all the rules up to this point, we decided to write Santa a letter asking for him to become magic like the rest of the Elves on the Shelf.

We know many people out there are annoyed by The Elf on the Shelf and there are several hilarious blog posts about it. Our friend Nic even has a card you could buy if the little guy tends to drive you crazy. However, this is completely up our alley. We can’t wait to search Pintrest and all the Mommy Blogs to get ideas for Billy. We can’t wait to watch Georgia search for him each morning. Hide-and-Seek just so happens to be one of her favorite games right now. We hope you get super excited about this adventure with us. We know it will only last a couple years and we are ready to enjoy every second of it!! If you want to follow along on Instagram, our hashtag is #BillyTheElfCarter

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