Holiday Markets - Dec 6th & 7th

It’s that time again…Holiday Market Season! This year we decided to focus on just two craft fairs in December.  We chose our favorites that support and benefit groups in our community.

The Fort Greene Holiday Market benefits Arts & Letters, an elementary school in our neighborhood. Because of fundraising done by the parents, the students at this school have more classes, such as Physical Education.  This particular craft fair is put on to help fund their arts program. We are honored to be involved.

Arts & Letters 2013 - Conroy was 3 months old. I chopped off all my hair.


The St. Boniface Christmas Fair benefits the church and held at St. Joseph's Catholic School just down the street. It’s one of their biggest fundraisers of the year. They sell beautiful evergreen wreaths, homemade chili, and fresh baked goods. There is an eclectic group of vendors and it always feels like a big family reunion.

St. Boniface 2013 - Conroy helping sell cards. Can't believe that was only a year ago.


We were thrilled when we found out these two shows were happening in the same weekend! Visit us at Arts & Letters on Saturday and then in the auditorium of St. Joseph’s Catholic School on Sunday.

As we look back at the holiday shows we’ve done over the past 3 years, it’s kind of incredible. Our company has grown and changed so much – and so has our family. We found it very interesting to look back at the pictures and remember what life was like each year. What a rollercoaster ride! Plus, there’s my hairstyles. 

St. Boniface - 2011. Our first craft show. Georgia was 9 months old. My hair looks like Gilda Radner's.


St. Boniface - 2012. Georgia was 1 year and 9 months & I was growing out my hair.


Each picture brings back different memories, but the love we have for a good holiday fair always remains the same.

Here are the top 5 things we love about a holiday market.

  • Supporting local organizations
  • Connecting with our customers
  • Working with our daughter: salesgirl Georgia
  • Meeting the other vendors
  • Catching up with friends in the neighborhood

Hope to see you the weekend of Dec 6 & 7, right here in Brooklyn!

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