Arts & Letters Holiday Market 2014

On Saturday we participated in the Fort Greene Holiday Market for the second year. And for the second year the weather was awful, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. This market is organized by Arts & Letters, an elementary school in our neighborhood. Their dedication and care for their students makes us proud to be a part of this craft show. The fair helps raise money to provide the children of this school with an art education program. Chatting with the shoppers and other vendors, many of which are are also parents of children that attend the school, gave us an inside look at what makes their school such a wonderful place for the students to learn and grow.

We made some new friends at the fair this year as well as caught up with some old friends.

Scully's Deodormint

David Schulhoff was are booth neighbor and is the inventor of Scully’s Deodormint, a chemical-free deodorant. His story is incredibly interesting. His grandfather Scully, who also invented the plunger, came up with the formula in the 1920’s. Recently, David reworked the recipe using only natural ingredients. Many people came by on Saturday that had previously used his product to rave about it and buy some more. Others were so excited to see that this product exists and were excited to try it for themselves. If this interests you, you can buy your own bottle through David’s website. As a new mom living in Brooklyn, I know the importance of not exposing your baby to chemicals while nursing or holding them close to your body.

Claudia Pearson

This is Claudia's booth at the National Stationery Show.  photo credit: 


Claudia Pearson was at the fair with all of her beautifully illustrated goods – tea towels, prints, and aprons, to name a few. We had run into Claudia at the Brooklyn Flea many times and had the pleasure of meeting her at the National Stationery Show in May. Her talent speaks her itself and her lifestyle as a mother, wife, artist, and business woman is something we personally admire! Check out her website here and find her products in stores nationwide.

My Brooklyn Baby

One of our favorite children’s boutiques in the neighborhood is My Brooklyn Baby. We have bought many items from there and played with their beautiful wooden kitchen set on several shopping trips! We recently started following them on Instagram and got a peek into the world of this lovely working mom! Darcy Le Fleming runs the beautiful store and couldn’t be nicer in person! She has started producing her own products and debuted them at the Fort Greene Holiday Fair this year! We had to pick up a couple of them for Georgia. We’re sure having a daughter helps give her the insider knowledge of what children love at this age, but she really hit it out of the park with her comfortable leather tiaras! We can’t wait to see Georgia’s face on Christmas morning when she opens it!!

Greenlight Bookstore

photo credit:

Our favorite bookstore, Greenlight, was in attendance as well – which isn’t surprising since they already contribute so much to the community. Not often would you see a bookstore at an elementary school’s holiday fair, but Greenlight is much more than your average bookstore. They support the neighborhood in so many ways. We were happy to be in their company!

Overall, the day was lovely. We want to thank our friends who came out in the pouring rain to say hi and buy some holiday cards! It was nice to see familiar faces, meet some new people, and spend the day selling cards.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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I imagine that one of the advantages of being a vendor at a craft fair is coming across other talented vendors. They all look great. I really like Claudia Pearson’s work. I hadn’t seen it before!

Jessica Rodarte

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