We partnered up with Ink Cards for you!!

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with an amazing new mobile app to make sending our cards one step easier!!

Ink Cards is an incredibly easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to physically send a greeting card directly from your smart phone. Their app was originally developed with personalization in mind. You choose one of their beautifully designed templates, add your own photo, and send it to your friends, all with the touch of a touch-screen! It’s a great concept.

Jenna, an Ink Card representative, reached out to us because she loved our cards and thought we would be a perfect fit for a new direction the company was exploring. They had found that some of their customers loved the simplicity and convenience of their app, but didn’t necessarily want to personalize their card with a photo. That’s where we come in. The photography featured in our cards fits seamlessly with the look of Ink Cards and appeals to their customers. Our clever sayings and bright colors provide the alternative they are looking for.  We can’t wait for their customers to send our cards with the ease of their smart phones.



We can’t tell you how many people have been encouraging us to incorporate a similar system to make it easier for them to send a card. And I will be honest here, the thought of this originally made my paper-loving, hand-writing self cringe. We whole-heartily believe in the handwritten message. That is the reason our cards are blank inside. We want you to tell your friend how you feel…put a piece of your heart on paper…get personal. Originally we wanted to inspire everyone to write letters. After this internal battle between my handmade card-making side and my technology-loving side, I finally realized we are not going to change those people who really don’t have the time to write in a card, but now we can help them. This is 2015 and it’s time we jumped onboard.

Ink Cards is the perfect partner. Their goal is the same as ours. They too want you to stay connected with your friends – and they’ve figured out a way to make it even easier for you to do so. They provide you with the space to write your personal message on the back of the card and then they do all the hard work for you. By not having to do anything else, it not only makes it logistically easier, but also mentally easier. No more excuses like “I never have a stamp” or “I wrote it, but it’s been in my purse for a week now.”

So let’s all together send more cards!! Ink Cards has chosen six designs for our initial collaboration.

Happy Birthday! (with sprinkles on top)

Congrats. You're one lucky duck.

The laundry is about to get super cute. (girl)

The laundry is about to get super cute. (boy)

I hope your recovery is filled with ice cream & popsicles.

The sun rises & the sun sets but know that it is always there.

We have received samples in the mail and are beyond satisfied with the quality. Head over to InkCards.com to text the download to your phone or search for it in the App store. We want to hear from you, so please let us know if you’ve sent or received a Love Jac card with the ease of Ink Cards!



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