Visit us at NSS 2015 - Booth #1454

The National Stationery Show is less than a week away! As we finalize all the last details, we would like to share our mailer with you.

Going into the show this year we knew we wanted to dedicate more time in advance researching stores and contacting them so they knew who we were before they walked into The Javits Center.

We took the advice we received from Katie Hunt and her team of panelists during the Trade Show Book Camp webinar series. We also found this article written by Emily Blistein, owner of Clementine, and Nole Garey of Oh, So Beautiful Paper extremely helpful.

Many of the steps that are necessary when participating in the National Stationery Show can be a little overwhelming. Instead of making an elaborate mailer, we decided to keep it simple and focus on three main goals. We wanted to showcase our cards, make it personal, and use our newest product to decorate our envelopes.


Since our cards are all photography based, we knew we wanted to show a photo of one of our favorite cards. We decided on our best selling birthday card. We met the extremely talented photographer, Tal Kagan, down by the Brooklyn Bridge one really cold morning. While there we snapped a handful of photos and ultimately settled on this one.


For the back for the cards we wanted to write a specific note to each retail store. We knew this would take time so we created a fill-in-the-blank card to allow us to focus on making it personal.


Our Inkable Envelope Stamps arrived just in time to decorate our envelopes. We printed the addresses in typewriter font to match the esthetic of our greeting cards, then stamped each envelope to make it stand out. Because we can’t throw away an envelope, we had saved up an entire box filled with a rainbow spectrum. This was the perfect opportunity to put them to good use.

We spent weeks researching stores and creating a master list. We then spent an entire weekend printing, writing, and decorating these mailers.

We finally finished them on a Monday morning spent at one of our favorite coffee shops. It was the best feeling when we finally slipped that rainbow of envelopes into the blue mailbox.

We are so happy to let you know that all the hard work has started to pay off already. We received an email the following week from one of the stores. We were happy to offer them the show specials and they placed an order. Our cards can now be purchased at NOMAD in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

If you know anyone going to The National Stationery Show, please pass our mailer along to them. Make sure you tell them to say hi at the show.  We will be in Booth #1454 and excited to meet and talk.







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