Introducing: Inkable Envelope Stamps

We are so excited to announce our newest product! Say hello to our Inkable Envelope Stamps™!

This set of 15 photopolymer stamps was designed specifically to decorate your mailing envelopes. If you scrapbook or frequent the craft store you probably know about this type of stamp already. Many companies make them and have talented artists create the designs. The first set I bought was a Martha Stewart Christmas collection! And, really, who is more trustworthy than Martha when it comes to crafts!

For those of you who don’t know, these stamps come on a plastic sheet. You peel them off and stick to an acrylic block.

This is what makes these stamps so desirable. Because you can see through the acrylic block you are able to align your image and stamp it in the exact spot you want it to appear. Sometimes that’s not as easy with your typical wooden block stamp. Once you are done, you simply clean it, peel it off, and put it back. The stamps are reusable and remain sticky allowing you to use them time and time again.

At Love Jac we strongly believe in having a fun envelope. All our envelopes come in bright colors so that when you get a Love Jac card in the mail you are immediately excited. Our Inkable Envelope Stamps take it one step further. We have designed them so you can embellish your envelope quickly. We have also given you “fill-in-the-blank” stamps that allow you to personalize your envelope even more. Below is a breakdown of each stamp, the reasons we love them, and examples of how you can use them to make your envelope that much more fun!

This has been an idea of mine for some time now and, thanks to a little help from my “One Little Word: Push,” I decided to make it happen this year. The response so far has been wonderful. Our Inkable Envelope Stamps have been selected as a finalist in The National Stationery Show’s Best New Product Contest! We can’t wait to get them in stores and into your hands.

Currently, we are selling limited number of stamp sets right here through our website. The price includes shipping and a bonus greeting card.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and they make your friends smile the moment they open their mailbox!

FROM/TO (with large arrows)

We personally love the large arrows of this stamp and how the two words fit together almost like a puzzle. It balances your envelope, filling up the area that is usually blank.

FROM/TO (with small arrows)

We like using this smaller version for instances when we write smaller or use a printed sticker. This stamp connects both addresses in a fun, friendly way.


We love that the text on this stamp is the negative space. There’s something very official about it - in a gentle way. We often use this when we write our return address on the back of the envelope, but it can definitely be used with the return address on the front too.


We could draw envelopes for days! This one is cute and is kind of ironic in that I-just-stamped-an-envelope-on-an-envelope type of way. You can also repeat it for a wallpaper-like pattern.


We are Love Jac, so we had to include a hand drawn heart! You can use this anywhere. We even like to pair it up with some of the other stamps!


There’s something romantic about the squiggly border of a postage stamp, no? We put a heart inside to make it even more loveable. We use this stamp often when we are hand delivering our card. We also like to stamp it in front of our return address.  


If you know us, you know we are a little obsessed with hashtags. We often watch that Jimmy and Justin skit for a pick-me-up! And if you want to smile, just click on #HAPPYMAIL on Instagram. At the time of this blog post there are over 216,890 photos of fun happy decorated mail!! If we don’t control ourselves we’d cover the entire envelope with this stamp. Actually, forget that, we are going for it!


Some may consider it a lost art form but, if you’re with us (and since you are reading this you probably are), we are here to keep snail mail alive! Just seeing those words warms our hearts. We used the negative space for this stamp to make it that much more cozy.


Anyone else obsessed with finding a good postage stamp!?! We will stock up when we find the latest interesting stamp at the post office. We designed this one to celebrate that postage stamp. It fits perfectly around the bottom left corner.

Now let’s personalize….


This is our version of a waxed seal. Stamp it on the back and make it sweet or funny. 


Your friend just opened their mailbox. Your envelope has caught their attention and they have forgotten all about the bills and junk mail also in their hand. This is your chance to give them a sneak peek into the contents of your note!


We love our mailman (his name is George). This stamp is a friendly note to your postal carrier. If seeing this envelope makes their day a little better, our job is done!


Possibly our favorite of all the stamps, this one is designed to mimic your typical postal date stamp and is for all of us who write that card and then forget to send it for weeks!! This will hopefully soften the blow when your card arrives later than you intended. We also hope it gives you the courage to send that note even if it is late. You can stamp it anywhere on the envelope. And even add the postal waves to make it extra official.


Because we love those postal waves, we wanted you to be able to use them as much as possible.   You can use them alone, add them to any of the fill in the blank circles, or even pair them with this blank double circle.

Designing these stamps was truly a labor of love and we can’t wait to see how you use them on your envelopes. Tag us in your posts or hashtag #inkableenvelopestamps so we can see your creations!!


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love your ideas! these stamps are great!


Love!! I need to get my hands on them! :)
Congratulations on having been selected as a finalist!!

Jessica Rodarte

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