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What an exciting and eventful week at Love Jac. Last Sunday, we showed at our first craft fair. We met some really nice people and received some great feedback on our cards.  Monday was our presentation at the Brooklyn Public Library for the PowerUp! Competition.  It went very well and we were given good business ideas for the future! The winner will be announced on January 10 at an award ceremony. Wish us luck!! 

The rest of the week was spent working on two Custom Design orders. A thank you card for the incredible little baby, Buckminster, who stayed strong through open heart surgery on his 5th day of life. His parents wanted to send an extra special thank you to all the people who were there for them and sent good vibes their way.

We wanted the card to have a handcrafted feel and personify the “It takes a village” mentality.  We sewed fun red & purple paper together in a patchwork pattern, taking inspiration from the quilts we had recently seen at the American Folk Art Museum.  We hand stamped words that have deep meaning to Buck’s parents and sewed them on as well, along with a Brooklyn skyline and an abstract heart.

Buck is home now with his 3 older brothers & parents enjoying the good life. We hope when Buck is old enough, he will look back at this card & know how much love and strength he has brought his family from the very beginning.


The second custom order was for our friend Kelly who has some awesome friends with some very unique names.  She had seen our Hand Embossed Personalized Flat Note Cards and knew they would make a great gift for these ladies who have grown up not being able to find a keychain or a mug with their name on it.  She ordered half with just their name and half with our “birds on a wire” stamp.


Since the holiday season has begun, we have been lucky to spend the entire week with family and friends, enjoying New York at what we consider one if the best times of year.


Yesterday, we were inspired by one of our friends, Rachel, who came over to use our sewing machine. She’s making her daughter’s Christmas stocking.  It’s made of red, white, green, and grey felt and we think Simone is going to treasure it forever.  For us, Christmas is all about traditions and the things from your childhood that just make your heart fill with happiness.  Making something for someone you love is one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays!


Finally, yesterday afternoon we had a get together with my old roommates and their families.  Since we used to do Secret Santa when we lived together we wanted to bring the tradition back.  Everyone lives in different cities now, so I wasn’t sure this would be possible, but I was able to find an online Secret Santa (www.elfster.com). It shuffled all our names (even allowing me to make sure I didn’t get my husband) then sent everyone an email. It worked out perfectly!

Because we like to bring the fun, I made a “Couples Christmas Challenge” game. Essentially it’s the Newleywed Game: Holiday Edition. If you want to play at your next party here’s how…

For 6 players with 6 questions each, you need 36 pieces of paper.– if you have more just multiply the number of people by the number of questions to know how much paper you need.

  • Fold each piece paper in half (I used red printer paper, but white will also do the trick)
  • To add some holiday flare, you can tape the fold with candy cane duct tape. (again this isn’t necessary, feel free to decorate the front anyway you would like, I happen to have this on hand cause I couldn’t not buy it when I saw it at the craft store)
  • Write a question on the front of each folded piece of paper.  There were 6 questions for the guys and 6 for the girls. 
  • Make a quick game sign and score board.
  • When it is time to play the game, pass out the questions. Answer the them honestly and write your answer on the inside of the paper. 
  • Once everyone has filled in their answers, take turns holding up the cards and having your partner try to guess the answer written inside the card.
  • One point for each match. Most points win. 


The questions we used are below, but feel free to make up your own.  It was an inexpensive way to have some fun, share a few laughs, and get to know a little more about each other.


Questions for the boys:
(girls write these answers down ahead of time)
1. Who’s a better Santa? Her mom or yours?
2. What’s her favorite holiday tradition?
3. When she is Santa, what cookie does she want you to leave for her?
4. Tinsel or no tinsel?
5.  Gift bags or Wrapping Paper?
6. What did she get you on your first Christmas together?
Questions for the girls:
(boys write these answers town ahead of time)
1. What’s his favorite holiday candy?
2. Egg nog or spiced cider?
3. What’s his favorite Christmas ornament?
4. What’s his favorite holiday song?
5. How old was he when he stopped believing in Santa?
6. Where did you spend your first New Years together?
Tie Breaker: How many years total have all of us been together as couples.


We hope you can take something from our busy week. Whether it’s ideas for your own holiday games, inspiration for new traditions you can start or memories of ones that have been with you since you can remember. We want you to cherish the time you have with your friends and family, especially this time of year.  Let us know what fills your heart with happiness.  Tell us who has made your week great!  Or even better, tell them!  It’s the people who make you smile every day that keep life enjoyable.  Make sure you let them know how much they mean to you!

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LOVE my “Love Jac” cards! The Hand Embossed Personalized Flat Note Cards are works of art. Received them as a gift, what a great idea! Very cool, very unique and very appreciated.


hey nice job!


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