New Year's Resolution: Our "To-Do Smash Book"

Happy New Year!


I will admit it. I love a New Year’s Resolution. Some people think they are pointless because no one ever sticks to them, but I love the sense of a new start. The chance to catch your breath and make a plan. (I also love a plan).

This year our resolution at Love Jac is to live more in the moment, save it as a memory, and keep things organized.  We are going to do this with what we are calling our “To-Do Smash Book.”  It’s a book where we will keep everything together. Our lists, our important dates, our calendar. The thing that makes this book better than your average agenda is that it is meant to be used Smash Book style. A catch-all for things that happen, quotes we hear, and ideas we have.  

If you aren’t familiar with the Smash Book, it’s my latest obsession. It’s basically a scrapbook for someone who doesn’t have the time to organize and make every page perfect.  The idea is to “smash” things that make you happy into the book. There are no rules. As long as these are things that make you smile…you will always enjoy looking at the book. K&Company have taken this idea and produced a book you can purchase, but many hardcore crafters make their own.  I got the pink K&Company book for Christmas and can’t wait to use it.  I would love to make my own pages but honestly don’t have the time. Plus, the pages designed by K&Company are beautiful and inspiring. Here is their marketing video I find myself watching on YouTube more often than I should be.


We are taking the Smash Book concept and making it a part of our daily lives.  Here’s what we have got so far.  We started with this dollar store notebook that was in my Christmas stocking.  We love the craft paper/cardboard feel.  Because we often can’t find something to write with, we decided to attach a pen to the book. To do this we hot glued a piece of elastic onto the side of the front cover to hold our pen.  We bought one of those clicky 4 color pens so we will be able to color code things!!  

Since we weren’t in love with the image on the front we glued a “While You Were Out” memo sheet to the front.  Throughout the year we will add additional things we come across to the cover. We also bought some neon tabs to help us find certain pages more easily.


As the year goes on we will glue and tape things into the book…business cards…fabric…menus…tickets…all those things in previous years we would have thrown into a box with the intention of one day scrap booking.  We will now smash them into our book. When we look back we will have this wonderful story of our year in list and scrap form! It will save us the time of scrap booking later and allow us to treasure the moments as they happen.


We hope you all find yourselves motivated and inspired to start the year off as organized or as smashed together as you want it to be.

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Love this idea…. I may even go back a few years and take all that stuff I jammed into my shoe box and make a few “years gone by” stuff into my Smash Books….

Gerri Chandler

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