Let's take back Valentine's Day!

Oh Valentine’s Day… some may call it the “Hallmark Holiday”, but Love Jac is taking it back this year.  We promise to not go all lovey-dovey on you.  We definitely went through our single “valentine’s day sucks” phase.  But we don’t think people should get angry because there’s a day that reminds us to take a second out of our busy lives and tell those we love how much we love them.  Hopefully, now that you have found Love Jac, you will find yourself doing this more than once a year.

That being said. Let’s take back Valentine’s Day. Who says you have to be “in a relationship” to enjoy February 14th.  We like to use this day to thank our close girlfriends for being awesome. Sending them a card might just brighten their day, no matter what their relationship status is.  And there’s really never a bad time to tell your parents you love them…or your kids for that matter.  We don’t think Valentine’s Day should stress you out either, so remember to focus on what’s important: your feelings.  As cheesy as “it’s the thought that counts” is…the thought can truly make someone’s day. 

ATTENTION ALL MEN OUT THERE: The card is the most important part. And it would be nice if you didn’t just sign your name. Take 5 minutes and tell us why you love us or how we make you happy.  Yes, jewelry is nice. And who doesn’t love a good bag or dinner out. But what will really make our day is to know what you keep locked up in that mind of yours.  We’re not asking for this all the time (although that would be nice), but if you make the effort on Valentine’s Day it will not go unappreciated.


Love Jac has several brand new card options to help you send some love this Valentine’s Day.  We have created 3 Photo Mounted Greeting Cards.  Each one captures some of your favorite iconic Valentine’s Day images and is accompanied by a simple, yet strong message.  We have also created 30 one of a kind Limited Edition Hand Crafted cards.  We were inspired by beautiful scraps of card stock which we couldn’t resist.  We collaged them together to evoke love and texture.  There are three sayings to choose from and no two cards are the same. Plus, they are numbered on the back to identify their uniqueness. So you can order several and each person will feel special.

The good thing is you have plenty of time buy your cards and send them out. It’s not even February yet (and I think we do have Hallmark to thank for that.)

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