Introducing our Card of The Month Club

We are pleased to introduce our Card of The Month Club and we guarantee becoming a member will change your life!  If you are tired of rushing to buy a card on the way to a party...  Or even worse you can’t remember how many times you meant to send that thank you card, but didn’t have one on hand (and possibly forgot about it and accidentally never sent it)...  Or if you just want to get some fun mail every month…this club is for you.


We came up with the idea because that used to be us.  Before putting the time into creating Love Jac and building our card database, we felt like we never had the right card to send. We would dream of the perfect card and intend to create one with time to spare, but the result was many tardy birthday arrivals because we were gluing last minute touches on our cards.  We knew if we could stop being procrastinators and make these cards in advance it would eliminate a lot of stress from our lives.  Six years later, we have found that time to not only make the cards for ourselves, but make them for you as well.


THE WAY IT WORKS: At the beginning of each month you will receive an assortment of 5 Love Jac cards.  Over the year, you will collect Birthday, Thank You, Mother’s Day, and every card in between.  Instead of the standard $5 a card, you will get 5 cards for only $20. That’s basically one free card a month.  A one-year membership, which is a value of $300, will only cost you $240. Plus, shipping is free, as always.


We are also offering you the option of purchasing stamps with your cards.  How many times have you written a card and then went to mail it but couldn’t because you didn’t have a stamp.  Well, worry no more. By selecting this option you will always be able to put your card in the mail right away.  Besides, who can keep up with how much postage is these days.  Even if you don’t use these “forever” stamps on the cards we send (say you’re putting the card on a gift) having extra stamps is never a bad thing.



If you are feeling lucky, two of our favorite blogs are running a contest starting Monday, January 30, for you to become a member of our club for one year free of charge.  Babyrazzi & Lady & The Blog.  You might as well just bookmark them after you enter the contest, because they are pretty addictive.  Babyrazzi reports on the latest news about celebrities and their kids…their fashion…their parenting secrets.  Plus, they have these great pop-ups that show how you can get their style.  Lady & The Blog is run by Vera Sweeney and covers almost everything: beauty & fashion, food, travel, product reviews, EXTREME COUPONING!!  We’re most excited about her Fashionable Mom Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which will stream live on February 16th.


If you don’t want to wait to see if you’re lucky this week, you can always just sign up to be a member today!  You won’t regret it. Have a great week!



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