Hobby Lobby: Heaven on Earth

The first time we ever walked through the automatic doors of Hobby Lobby we swear we heard the angels singing from above! “Welcome to HOOOOBBBBY LOOOOBBBBY”!! This store is incredible.  It is our heaven on earth and if you haven’t been, you must go as soon as possible. In the meantime, here’s why we love it (in photos).

No disrespect to Michael’s or A.C. Moore, because we do love shopping there, but they are the Brooklyn Cyclones to Hobby Lobby’s New York Yankees.  They know how to play a good ball game, but Jeter isn’t there to make a double play in the bottom of the ninth to end the game.  (ok, that was our attempt at keeping the guys invested…Hobby Lobby might seem like a place for only the ladies of the world, but we swear guys, if you give it a chance you might find something you love).

HobbyLobbs has it all. It’s like Michaels, JoAnn Fabric, & HomeGoods had a baby.  They have paper crafts, fine art supplies, giftwrap, a fabric department, home furnishings, and much more.  Instead of trying to describe this crafter’s dreamland, we took photos for you…

Some of our favorite stamps have come from Hobby Lobby.  We love them so much, we’ve almost bought the same ones twice. This visit we picked up this stamp for our dragonfly loving aunt, so we can create some custom stationery for her.

What do you need…fleece, cotton, burlap….gingham, polk-a-dots, deer running through the woods?  Not sure if it’s just this Hobby Lobby because it’s located in North Carolina, but they have an amazing collection of novelty hunting and fishing scenes. A couple years ago for Christmas, we made our girl cousin an apron out of this fabric because her husband loves to hunt.  Cut into a feminine shape, it takes on a new life.

The only reason our apartment isn’t filled completely with Hobby Lobby furniture is because we are limited to what can fit in a suitcase.  They sell unique pieces you won’t see anywhere else.  We’re not going to say it’s exactly HomeGoods, but it makes finding this gorgeous lamp that much more exciting.

These cardboard letters are one of our favorite Hobby Lobby finds.  Monogrammed letters never go out of style and these cardboard ones are essentially a blank canvas.  At a price of $2.47 each, you can’t get a better bargain.  You can paint them, wrap them in yard, or cover them with glitter. The possibilities are endless. Several years ago, we decoupaged a J with pink rundowns to decorate our Script Office.  From a distance, it looked like a custom art piece you would buy at Urban Outfitters and once you got closer it became even more meaningful.

If you are scrapbooker…they have the perfect background paper for any page you can think to create.  You might want to allot about an hour just to this aisle.

Hobby Lobby knows what’s up!!! They have a SMASH BOOK section. Not sure how, but we were able to control ourselves and didn’t buy the whole collection.

We have a thing for sticker letters and Hobby Lobby fills that need.  (and yes we consider it a need…possibly an addiction…we could even blame Hobby Lobby for enabling us)

We were inspired by the Cowboy section during this visit.  Look for some Western themed Stationery coming out soon.

When I was younger, my aunt bought me a dollhouse!! We chose the colors and painted it.  It was amazing.  (Nate Berkus does say to pick your favorite outfit and paint your room that color…I guess I was in tune with this decorating secret even back then).  Going shopping for the different furniture and decorating each room was one of my favorite things to do.  This was probably the beginning of my love of interior design.

Hobby Lobby has an incredible selection of Dollhouse interiors, plus anything else you would need to create your own. We look forward to when Georgia wants her own dollhouse and we know where we’ll go to get it!! (if you are dollhouse person, you have to visit FAO Shwartz in NYC…the prices are about 1,000 times more expensive than HobbyLobbs, but it’s a must see)

Walking through this aisle is like walking through “A Secret Garden.”  Yes, artificial flowers can easily become tacky, but if used in the right way you can create one beautiful wreath or a funky headband. Here are two examples. Love To-Go & P.S. I Made This...

If you are one of those people who go all out for the holidays, this place is your one-stop-shop!  They have at least 4 aisles dedicated to seasonal items.  And who can resist festive napkins? We can’t.

Once you have completed the perimeter, buried within the middle of the store is one lone aisle that contains the best collection of knobs next to Anthropologie (without the high price tag of Anthro).  It wasn’t until our 5th or 6th visit to the store that we discovered these gems.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there hangs a great umbrella.  It’s big and has a classic pattern.  So cute.

As you head to the checkout there is an incredible selection of books and custom magazines (that cost as much as books).  They cover topics you won’t find anywhere else.  Since we just renovated our Love Jac Headquarters, we couldn’t leave without picking up this magazine. 

Hobby Lobby is best experienced with someone who has either an equal love of creating or at least a love of your love of creating.  Having someone to high five as you find that rubber stamp you’ve been looking for and then discover it’s 50% off adds to the fun.  Be prepared to spend more than you expect because of all the bargains they offer.  And try to focus on all the amazing things you will be able to create once you leave and the money you just saved instead of the total on the register.  Hope you enjoyed our photo tour and can taking a shopping trip yourself soon.

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