Looking through Grandma's Memorabilia Box

This past weekend while my mom was looking through some of my grandmother’s things, she found almost every card I’d ever made for my grandma.  She said she could only get through four of them before she had to pack it up and leave the room.  I was so excited to see these cards now that “Love Jac” is a reality.  I didn’t think I would be emotional at all.  Well, let me just say, about halfway through the first letter Chad had to bring me the whole box of tissues.

There is something so substantial about holding a card that it transports you back in time.  As I read through the letters I had written, the thank you notes from my cousins, and the birthday cards from my aunts I was overwhelmed with emotions of love for my grandma.  The fact that she had saved all of these correspondences said so much about who she was and how much her family meant to her.  She was truly the matriarch of our family. She made everyone feel so loved and kept us all together.  In this box there were wedding invitations and birth announcements all stacked together nicely. 

All of this reemphasized the main reason we started “Love Jac” in the first place.  These announcements and notes from loved ones are more than just pieces of paper.  They serve as memories.  They become a time capsule of the life one has lived. They are reminders of both those monumental occasions and those meaningful friendships that have made life wonderful.  We believe when you send a note or create your wedding invitations you are making a lasting impression.  You can make someone’s day a little brighter or even give them something to remind them of a wonderful memory.

Looking through this box of treasured items my grandmother had kept, we found several extremely unique and personal cards made by my mother - another confirmation of why we believe everyone eventually becomes their mother.  Luckily, we can look forward to becoming a pretty awesome woman.  My mom’s cards were fun, witty, and full of texture!!  This also might be where we get our secret love of rhyming.

We know we couldn’t upload all of our cards, but we wanted to share a few of them with you.  Below are some of the cards made by my mother as well as some made by myself…all for the woman we hope to eventually become.



“To a Peach of A Mother…From Two Bananas” 

Materials used: construction paper, marker, photos. 

We love this card because it illustrates my mom’s sense of humor.  It just makes you smile.  Plus, she gave great dimension to the peach and that photo of my dad is hilarious! What is going on with that beard?  My mom looks so beautiful and put together and then there’s my dad…this wild man!  It really captures their personalities and the love they have for each other.


“Mom & Dad…Happy Valentine’s Day”

Materials used: tin foil, construction paper, markers, stencils, newspaper clipping.  My mom said she made this card out of tin foil because they had no money, but I think she was ahead of her time.  Foil stamping is very elegant these days.  This card grabs your attention and has texture you won’t forget.  We also love this card because my mom’s handwriting is still the same today.


“To The Greatest Mom in The World...”

Materials used: construction paper, markers, crayons, pen.

We love this card because it is the classic card from a kid.  It’s silly and it rhymes. You can feel the love coming through.


“Happy Birthday”

Materials used: construction paper, glitter, cotton balls, yarn, ribbon, glue, markers, pastels, tape.

I can specifically remember making this card with my cousin Perego (formerly know as Chris).  Today he is an amazing artist in Daytona Beach, back then he was my cool cousin who knew how to create everything…including this pop-up card.  He showed me how to make a card like many of my favorite pop-up books.  You simply fold back the bottom of the piece of paper you want to pop-up and tape it to the card.  You also have to be sure to trim the paper so that when the card is closed it doesn’t stick out.  Bonus to this card…the mailman is holding an actual letter. By cutting a slit in the paper, we were able to slip in a small message.  Full disclosure: Chris drew the mailman, but I colored it in.


“One Special Grandma”

Materials used: Lavender printer paper & purple colored pencil.

This card illustrates my love of rhyming.  I feel like the younger you are the more you can get away with having things rhyme, but we still try to slip it in from time to time.


“Happy Birthday. I love you Grandma”

Materials used: construction paper, markers

I must have just learned how to draw musical notes, including a clef, and wanted to incorporate them into a card...either that or I was ahead of Hallmark and those singing cards.


(two hearts)

Materials used: construction paper and ultra-fine sharpie.

I can vividly remember making Valentine’s Day cards with my grandma. She taught me how to cut out a perfect heart by folding the paper in half and cutting out one side.  This card must have been from when I was in college and living in Boston.  It’s simple, pretty, and to the point.


“I Love You…Get Better Soon”

Materials used: construction paper and ultra-fine sharpies.

I can’t tell exactly when I made this card, but I like that it’s straight to the point and signed “Love Jac”.


“Merry Christmas”

Materials used: construction paper, glitter, scissors, ultra-fine sharpie.

I must have made this one in high school, but it’s a replica of the kind of cards we used to make when I was younger.  Glitter was always one of my favorite materials to use (and still might be today).

We hope you enjoyed our little show-and-tell.  It was a wonderful walk down memory lane.  It also gave us some inspiration for future cards. When you buy one that pops up or is made with tin foil, you will know its origin.  We hope you are intrigued to go home tonight and look through your own memorabilia box.  We also hope you can find an extra five or ten minutes to send someone a card that might just make their day and be preserved forever.

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Des- So good to hear from you. Glad you liked the blog entry. – and even more glad you started a memorabilia box for your daughter – she is going to love having it!!!


This is beautiful and it made me cry, Thanks! It’s nice to see a business’s origin and the back story to how someone got started doing something they love. I am now going to go look through my memorabilia box and the new one I started when my daughter was born!

Desiree Dutton

u r too precious! You are getting into major energy dipping back thru time like that… touching those emotions & moments long long ago. WOW! U rok cuz, or- is it- my creative cosmic sister…


Dear Jac,
You are an inspiration for our family… Thank you for keeping our family memories alive and our future exciting.
Love you…
Aunt Ger

Aunt Ger

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