Mother's Day: You've got a month people.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here to tell you Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th this year.  That’s basically one month away.  We are telling you this not because we want to rush life along or because we want to force you into buying one of our new Mother’s Day cards (although they are on sale now).  We aren’t trying to be like every big chain store and have our Christmas decorations on sale before Thanksgiving.  We are telling you because we don’t want you to get caught up in the busyness of life and be panicking a month from now because you didn’t plan anything.  We suggest you get the ball rolling today on your Mother’s Day plans.  Email your siblings. Call your dad. Consult with your wife.  Put a plan into action.

We feel that Mother’s Day often gets put on the back burner or pacified with a phone call.  Now that I am a mom, Mother’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning and as sad as it is to say, it has made me feel really guilty for not making a bigger deal about it in the past.  Being a mom is hard work and for those of you who haven’t experience it yet this may sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking when I say it.  However, the truth of the matter is it’s a 24/7 job. The consistency is what makes it so tiring.  That being said, it is definitely the most rewarding experience I’ve had to date.  Georgia lights up my life!! She means the world to me and is the reason why, even though I may wake un-rested, I wake up with a smile on my face.  Her little hugs or the smile she gets when I walk into the room fill my heart with such happiness.  Nothing is better than those moments.  I dream of the day she will say “I love you, mom.” The love I have for her makes me weep.  As you can tell, I’m kinda turning into a sap right now.

If I realized my mom could possibly feel this way about me, I would have been having a Mother’s Day Parade every year! My mom means the world to me. She is the smartest, strongest, most loving woman I know.  She always puts her kids first. So much so, that’s the reality I grew up in.  Don’t get me wrong we celebrated Mother’s Day in my house.  There were years when we attempted breakfast in bed or went shopping with my dad for a present. And you better believe she always got a homemade card, but even on Mother’s Day, my mom never made it about her.

This is one of my favorite pics of me & my mom. My brother took it!! Pretty good for a 3 year old and a non-digital camera!

There are families that have a Mother’s Day brunch or a celebratory dinner.  We’ve heard of people traveling on this day just to be with their mom, but many times all that is possible is a phone call.  Life gets busy and things come up.  Sometimes it is not possible to be with your mom on Mother’s Day.  What we are proposing this year is that you take one day to celebrate your mom. It doesn’t have to be May 13th. It just has to a day devoted to her.  Write her a card and tell her why you love her…what you are thankful for.  Get her a gift that will remind her of how awesome you think she is every time she looks at it.  Ask her what chore you could do to relieve some of her work.  Share a meal together and go around the table saying your favorite Mom moments.  She might say it’s not necessary (again putting everyone else first), but make the effort and show her how much you love her.

This year at Love Jac we created our first collection of Mother’s Day Cards.  We are so excited to share them with you that we wanted to give you a little backstory behind each one.  We hope they resonate with the relationship you have with your mother and you send her one.  We were inspired by our mothers, the relationships that we cherish, and the beauty that a mother possesses.

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Who hasn’t picked flowers from their backyard to give to their mom? Even a flower that could be considered a weed looks beautiful to a mother’s eye if given to them by a little hand.  It truly is “the thought that counts” when it comes to moms.  We love that concept and wanted to preserve it in a card.  These dandelions have the power to brighter your mom’s day.

These four words have the ability to melt a woman’s heart.  Like I said above, I often dream of that day.  We purposely left “Happy Mother’s Day” off this card because we think it should be sent whenever you please.  When your mom gives you some good advice, does a load of your laundry, or simply makes you dinner…telling her you love her will show how much these little things mean to you. 

This is one of three cards that contain a lady head vase. We became obsessed with them one year at Brimfield and started our own collection. Their beauty and elegance are so powerful. Many of them are missing earrings and we think that just adds to their charm. It’s like they have lived life and still look fabulous!!  The fabric in this photo was bought one year to sew a summer dress.  After many hours of laying out the pattern and cutting it, I still don’t have a dress, but I am happy this gorgeous fabric could be used in another way.

That’s right…we are wearing matching tie-dye jumpsuits and I couldn’t be more proud!!  I want to point out that this photo was taken in the 80's, but nonetheless I was so happy for all of Daytona Beach to know I was my mom’s daughter.  No one was mistaking our relationship.  If I could wear matching tie-dye jumpsuits today I would.  My mom is amazing and I want the world to know it.  We hope you feel the same way about your mom and she gets a good laugh when you send her this card.  If you want to take it one step further you could include a tie-dye gift with our card! (or not)


We completely believe in this statement.  Every day we are becoming our mothers and nothing makes us happier.  Let your mom know it this Mother’s Day.

We first saw this lady head in Beaufort, NC. She was beautiful and perfect (even with just one earring).  She was also a little expensive (Brimfield has scarred us), so we passed her up.  Little did I know, Chad arranged for his aunt and uncle to go back and buy her as a gift for me. She made it to Brooklyn via the US Postal service unharmed.

There comes a point in your life when your mom stops being just your mom and she is suddenly your best friend.  You might not be able to remember the exact moment, but having your mom as your best friend is a wonderful experience. 

While we were in Australia we saw these two hens sitting on a bench and knew it would make a great card.  We immediately started imagining what they could be chatting about…just two gals catching up on life.  If you can take some time out of your day to just sit and chat with your mom, you’re one lucky person.

No one can replace your mom that is for sure, but when you get married you have the luxury of forming a new relationship with your spouse's mother.  For some reason television puts such a bad stigma on mother-in-laws, but we don’t agree at Love Jac.  We think our mother-in-laws are amazing.  We also think they deserve to get their own card and not just an extra signature on the Mother's Day card.  Take this opportunity to let your mother-in-law know why you are thankful for her.

Another lady head vase.  This is one of our favorites. The green is stunning and it also reminds us of Lucile Ball, so we thought it was appropriate to incorporate with our TV reference.

Not sure if it’s because Mother’s Day falls in May, but we always think of beautiful flowers when we think of Mother’s Day…especially a daisy.  This card says exactly what you want… “To the world’s best mom”.  No statement could be more true.  Nothing else seemed more appropriate to photograph this flower on than glitter paper!!


We hope you order your Mother’s Day card in time for May 13th.  If you can celebrate the day with your Mom we hope you make the most of it.  If you have to postpone the mom-love to another day, that’s fine. Just don’t let it slip by.  Even a simple phone call will most likely make your mom feel loved. 

In an attempt to utilize Facebook a little more and spread the word about our Mother’s Day cards, we hope you click the “like” button next to your favorite Mother’s Day cards!!

And don’t forget, you essentially still have a whole month until Mother’s Day, so don’t stress out. Start the phone calls and make a plan.  Your mom will thank you for it.

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