Graduation Cards are here!

It’s that time of year again: Graduation!  Acknowledging our friends accomplishments is one of our favorite things to do.  We have some pretty incredible friends and we love bragging about them to everyone we know!  We are sure you do too, so we are featuring our Photo Mounted Greeting Cards appropriate for your friends at this pivotal point in their life as well as sharing with you 2 Limited Edition Collections we just created.

You’re a genius! – Sometimes it just has to be said.  If your friend is that person who is smart and seems to know everything about something, let them know it.  Whether they just studied for 4 years to prove it or it just comes naturally.


The Sky’s The Limit. – After graduating, the sky is really the limit.  Your friend now has all the skills they need to take the next step.  Cheer them on and remind them to take a second to look forward and envision their future!


Nothing is better than the feeling of accomplishment. - Ahh…what a feeling.  Don’t let your friend’s success go by without the recognition it deserves.

You’re living the life you were meant to live. - Life moves quickly. After all your friend’s hard work, help them take a second to enjoy what they have just achieved.


We took the time this year to make a few extremely unique hand crafted cards.  Both sets of cards were inspired by something we saw at a store that made us think “that would make a great card.”

The first collection of cards was inspired by these fun graduation owls. 


We saw them on a trip to Michael’s and had to have them. We like the sparkle they have and their playfulness.  Several weeks later, we also spotted these same stickers at the PaperSouce (another reason why that store is our soulmate). To complement the owls we picked up a variety pack of black and white card stock.  When it was time to create these cards we pulled together everything black, white, silver, and gold that we could find in Love Jac Headquarters.  When you are creating at home, it is a good idea to get all your supplies together first.  Don’t be picky either. If it inspires you, grab it.  This will help get your creativity flowing. It’s also important to have all your essential tools on hand, such as scissors, glue, and a ruler.  You don’t want to interrupt your creative process to look for your paper cutter.


We experimented with stamping and embossing for this card, but decided to go with our typewriter, duct tape, and glitter ribbon to create the final product.  The idea of using duct tape on a graduation card really appealed to us because we do believe duct tape can fix any problem.  Once you’ve graduated there will be a lot more problems to handle yourself, we hope the duct tape subconsciously reminds you that you can do it.


These cards come with three different saying options.


“I’m bragging about you to all my friends.” – which we have done for many of our friends who have accomplished some pretty incredible things.


“I know you’re amazing because you amaze me.” – The word “amazing” is a little over used these days, but sometimes it’s the best word that fits.  We wanted to take it one step further and truly break it down, you aren’t just saying your friend is amazing, you want them to know why…it’s because they really amaze you.


“Congratulations!” – This one’s for those people who just want to keep things simple.  As always the inside of our cards are blank, so you can let it all out there.


Our second collection of cards was an idea we had months ago.  While we were browsing an old convenience store, we came across this incredible Ziggy wrapping paper tucked way in the back.  Do you remember Ziggy from the 80’s? Or even better, do you remember when wrapping paper looked like this? A little scene duplicated over and over again featuring your favorite cartoon characters or if you were really lucky… your own name! I was always a little jealous of my cousin Greg. I don’t think they every sold “Jackie” wrapping paper.  There was something about this paper and all the memories that flooded back instantly which made it impossible to leave the store without it.


As June began to approach I realized this was the perfect chance to upcycle this paper! With a little sparkle ribbon and some fun sayings, we created a limited collection of nostalgic cards! They come with two saying options.


“Congratulations. Can’t wait to see what you do next.”  The gift wrap itself says so much already.  Ziggy suggests many things for your friend’s future… “Fame, Fortune, Happiness, Success.”  Here’s a chance to let your friend know you can’t wait to see them achieve it all.


“You’re awesome.”  Here’s another card for those of you who like to get straight to the point.  Have a friend you know is awesome? Put a smile on their face and let them know it with this card.


We hope one of these cards is perfect for your friend or family member who is graduating this year.  We wish them all the best from everyone at Love Jac.

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