Thank the people who make you happy today!

At Love Jac one of our top priorities is to enjoy life.  At the end of the day shouldn’t your happiness be the most important thing?  If only it was that easy.  The problem is life is hard and things get hectic.  You have obligations and commitments and a to-do list longer than you wish it was.  According to the National Health Interview Survey 75% of the general population experiences at least some stress every two weeks.  We know we can’t change that number over night, but by focusing on yourself and those around you, you CAN make a difference in your own stress level.

We are big believers in taking control of your own happiness and affecting the happiness of those around you. One way we do this is to make a list of things that make us happy in our everyday life. Whether it’s the people in your life, the job you have, or something as simple as the backsplash in your kitchen.  If it makes you happy - write it down.  There’s a real power in seeing it on paper. It truly helps you focus and appreciate what you have.  You can make this list at the end of every day, once a month, or just when you need a breath of fresh air.



Taking this time to re-center yourself will help you enjoy everything a little bit more.  Now, the way to take this one step further is to write a short thank you to those people on your list and those people that make the things on your list possible.  A lot of times we think the people we love know how much we love them. We assume they see what a difference they are making in our lives and they know how thankful we are for them.  Sadly that’s usually not the case and even if they do know deep down what they mean to us it almost always means a great deal to see it in writing…to be reminded…and to be acknowledged.  Just think how you feel when you spot that hand-addressed envelope from your friend mixed in with all the bills and junk promotions when you open your mailbox. Suddenly your day just got a little better.  Getting a thank you out of the blue can do wonders to your soul.  Why not make your closest friends feel that way?

We know the amount of times you think about writing a card far out number the amount of times you actually mail one.  You don’t have a card, you can’t find an address, or you’re that person that never has a stamp. We know there are a million legitimate excuses, so we’re here to help.  First thing first…you’ve got to have thank you cards on hand.  The likelihood of you actually getting that note to your friend quadruples if you already have the card when you have the thought to write it. 

We have put together a “Gratitude Pack” that you can order today and keep at your desk or in your night stand so you have what you need when you need it.  The pack comes in a fun repurposed, upcycled box that contains a small note pad to make your list, 5 Photo Mounted Thank You Cards and 5 US Postage Stamps. The only thing that is missing is your friend’s address. Thanks to modern technology that’s only a quick email or text message away.


You can also order one of 4 Limited Edition Thank You Packs or any of our individual thank you cards.  We will happily add them to your box or send them separately.  If you want something more customized, please send us an email at and we’d love to make things even easier for you!

Once you send your thank you cards, we can guarantee you immediately feel happier.  Not only are you taking the time to appreciate things in your life, you are taking the time to acknowledge those who make it possible and that is a very powerful thing. You will begin the feel your stress level go down and your happiness go up.

Have a wonderful, stress reduced week!!



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