How To Make a Pop-Up Card!

Homemade cards are our favorite (next to Love Jac cards, of course).  Making a card for someone not only shows them how much you care, but it also allows you to take the time to reflect on your relationship with them.  It’s a great way for you to express your creativity and make something with your hands.  When it comes to making cards the possibilities are endless.

For some inspiration, this week’s blog is a “How-To” featuring the always fun “Pop-Up” Card!

Creating a pop-up card is a lot easier than you think.  There are a couple different techniques you can use to give your card that element of surprise. Today we will show you the simplest way – cutting a pop-up flap.

In its simplest method: cut two slits on the fold of the card and then invert it so the flap you just created pops up on the inside of the card.  Below, we break down 3 cards that all begin with this technique.  By adding some additional elements we are able to take this concept in three directions we hope inspire your own card creations.


When making your own card you have the opportunity to completely personalize it. One great way to do this is by using a photo.  Your friend will be truly surprised to see a picture of you or someone they love popping out at them as they open your card.

For this card you will need 2 pieces of card stock, scissors, glue, ruler, pencil, a photo you love, and supplies to decorate the card itself.  In this example we used colorful metallic alphabet stickers and star stickers.


Fold your piece of card stock in half. You can also use regular paper or construction paper for this, but we chose to use pre-cut cardstock that has a matching envelope.  Measure the center of the card & then measure half an inch on either side.


Now, measure down 1.5 inches.  You can make this any length as long as your pop-up item doesn’t hang out of the card once it’s closed.  The best way to check this is to lay the item inside the card and measure the length available from the fold. (see example #2 for a visual of this).


Cut the two slits you just measured. Do not cut the whole rectangle out. You are just making a flap.  Now invert the flap and fold it inside the card.


Open the card & the flap will pop up.


Next, cut out your photo and glue it to the flap you just made.


This is what we like to call the “guts” of the card. Because you don’t want to give someone a card with a hole in it, we have to cover the guts.  Do this by simply gluing another piece of card stock on the outside of the guts.  We used a larger piece of colored card stock and cut it down to size.


All that is left to do next is decorate your card.


Then open and be amazed at what you have just created.  We guarantee it will put a smile on your face.




By creating two flaps in this next card we are able to highlight the depth of the pop-up.  We also used an easy zigzag technique to add a little more fun.

For this card you will need 2 pieces of card stock, scissors, glue, ruler, pencil, the elements you want pop-up, and supplies to decorate the card. If you are using two equally deep flaps it works to use something with an arch or a cutout in the middle, such as the rainbow we use. You can also make the flaps different depths and use individual items to pop-up.


Next, just like above. Fold your piece of card stock in half and measure the center.  Then lay the item you want to pop-up above the flap to guide the measurement of where the flaps will be.



As stated in the first example, we wanted to make sure the rainbow didn’t stick out when the card is closed.  This would happen if you cut the slits too long.  To avoid this we laid the rainbow inside the card, close to the bottom edge and then measured the length to the fold.  It was an inch and three quarters, so to be safe we measured our slits 1.5 inches long.



The next couple steps are the same as the first example. Cut the slits, invert the flaps, fold them inside the card, then open the card and the flaps will pop up.  Now glue your item to the flaps. 





We also added a fun zigzag element. To do this, simply cut a small strip of paper and fold it back and forth to create a zigzag.  Glue one end to the card and the other to the item you want to pop out.  Smaller items work best for this and it’s important to glue the zigzag horizontally and not vertically. It will naturally lean one way – and it’s better to lean right or left than down. (The sun in the photo below is what the zigzag is glued to).


Finish the card just as in example one.  Glue cardstock on the outside to hide the “guts” and decorate.




This next card is a little more complicated, but we wanted to show you how you can take this simple concept and elaborate on it.  The main difference with this card is that depth of the flaps aren’t equal.  You can eyeball this by making a small slit, opening the card, and making one side longer than the other.  Just to make it a little more exact, we measured out our example.


To make this card you will need 2 pieces of card stock, scissors, ruler, pencil, and supplies to decorate the card.


Fold the card stock in half. Measure the center, then mark 5 lines on each side of the centerline in half-inch increments.  Next, starting with the two closest lines to the center measure out 2.5 inches. Then working your way out measure a half-inch less.


Now open the card. On the other side of the fold continue the lines to make them all 2.5 inches long.


Next, cut along the lines and fold the card in half popping the whole thing inside out.  This will take a little maneuvering, but by focusing on the front part of the staircase you can create the folds so that stairs are formed. Ta-da!


As in all the above examples, cover the guts with your other piece of card stock and decorate!




Have fun creating some pop-up cards to surprise and wow your friends!!  We want to see what you create! Email us your pics at, so we can post them on Facebook!

Have a great week!

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