Our Stamps + Your Handwriting = Meaningful Moments


Thanks to our love of handwriting and a request from our cousin, Love Jac is now offering a new service.  We now give you the opportunity to buy your cards pre-stamped AND addressed.

This past week we received an order from our cousin who asked to us to send the card directly to his mom.  People have suggested that we offer this service several times.  As technology advances and things change this might seem like a good idea, but unfortunately (or fortunately) sending a card for you without you at least signing it is against our core values.  Our motto is “helping you stay connected with your friends and family THE OLD FASHIONED WAY”. In the good old days people didn’t have computers and they took the time to hand write things.

At Love Jac we believe handwriting is very powerful.  It says something about a person.  It represents you.  It’s your signature – literally.  There is certain people’s handwriting that has a real emotional connection for us - my mom’s, specifically.  The loopiness of her A’s…the way she makes her M's.  When I see her handwriting it immediately reminds me of the care packages she sent me in college or the notes she would leave me on the kitchen table before she left for work when I was in high school.  It makes me think of how much she cares.  After our daughter was born my mom wrote a note to her and I only now brought myself to read it because just seeing “To Georgia Helen” written in my mom’s handwriting brings tears to my eyes.

If you’re like us, you save meaningful notes from friends.  We love to look back through our box of memories and see the different types of handwriting. My dad’s all capitalized letters…my good friend’s very neat and clean penmanship…my grandma’s pretty cursive…my husband’s tall bold words.  I don’t even have to see their signature to know who wrote what.  It’s a very comforting thing.  It’s like having a conversation with that person again.  You are connected to them and can almost hear their voice.

We always say the people who take the time to write a handwritten note are our people.  The best part about these people is they come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common: genuine thoughtfulness.  They make friendships, thank yous, and communication a top priority.  Life is busy. Things get hectic, but taking a moment to show someone you care can truly make a difference in their life – and yours.

If you are one of those people who already makes certain to send a handwritten note or if you are working on it, we are here to help.  By purchasing a stamp to go on your envelope we will address it for you free of charge.  Simply email us at jac@lovejac.com with the address and you will receive your cards pre-stamped and addressed! All you will need to do is write your message and drop it in a mailbox.  We promise the person who receives your card will appreciate you taking the time to think about them and write a note.  They may even put it in a box to treasure forever!!


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