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Who doesn’t love getting a care package?  Receiving a box in the mail is exciting in itself.  Opening one that’s filled with fun goodies someone took the time to pick out just for you is even more thrilling!!  Doesn’t it just remind you of being away at camp or college and getting that postal hug from someone who loves you?  Well, at Love Jac we think there is always a reason to send someone a care package and give them an unexpected surprise!

Last week we put together a care package for our friend Susie.  Susie became our friend when she started dating one of my best friends from college, Mike.  Now, you know… you can pick your friends – but you can’t pick your friend’s significant others. And sometimes you might get stuck with someone you’re not the biggest fan of. (Come on- I’m just being honest.)  Well Susie is the complete opposite of that.  She’s amazing.  Not only is she an incredible wife and mother, she’s hilarious, crafty, and the most welcoming person you’ll ever meet.  I’m not saying we like her more than Mike, but let’s just be glad we’re too old to be picking dodgeball teams!

Susie and Mike just had their second baby boy, Greyson, and we wanted to mail the woman who brought a life into this world something special for herself.  The idea for this came from my best friend Katrina, who bought me a beautiful cardigan after I had Georgia.  The days after you have given birth are such an emotional and precious time.  You’re happier than you’ve ever been and more in love than you can imagine, but you’re no longer pregnant and now just kinda fat.  You’re breastfeeding or trying to…you’re a little overwhelmed and the last thing you’re thinking about is yourself.  Overall you’re a little bit of a mess – or at least I was.  The purple, blue, and green floral cardigan that Katrina bought me made me feel pretty in my world of nursing tank tops and baby gifts.  It really made a difference.

Susie has so far had pregnancies like I had with Georgia.  I will spare you the glamorous stories about our Morning Chic-ness Bags since this isn’t a parenting blog, but let’s just say feeling like you have the flu and having someone say they are "sooo happy for you" doesn’t make things better.  That being said, I feel like I have a unique bond with Susie. I think we understand each other in a way others may not. (and  honestly probably don’t want to).  Just before Susie had Greyson, we were visiting them for their oldest son, Braden’s, 2nd birthday party.  Susie doesn’t leave out one detail.  At nine months pregnant she had personalized water bottles, color coordinated rice crispy treats (Chad’s favorite), and even four custom-made cardboard cutouts of The Wiggles!!  One word: impressive!

On our drive home, I knew I had to put something together for Susie.  Having a baby is a huge deal and for the most part all the celebration is about the baby (as it should be I know), but we think the mom deserves a little something as well.  Below is a photo of what we put together for Susie as well as a list of what we think makes a great care package.


For Mom:

-       A card congratulating her on her accomplishment!

-       A pink cardigan (an easy way to dress up those nursing tops)

-       A pretty necklace

-       A small notebook so she can write down feedings, diaper changes, and anything else she thinks she will forget. We used silver sparkly stickers to customize it for Susie.

-       Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm! – a must

-       Her favorite candy…I texted Mike to find out what this was without realizing Susie just delivered Greyson 30 minutes before.  Luckily, Mike is a multi-tasker and texted me back within minutes.

-       Some gum

-       Anti-bacterial gel (Cause you can always use a small bottle in the diaper bag)

For The New Baby:

-       A new little outfit! We know he will have the cutest hand-me-downs, but with this “Born 2012” they will be able to figure out which baby is which when looking back at photos.  The two boys look almost like twins!


-       Personalized Hand Embossed Flat Cars with Greyson’s name.  These are some of our favorite to make and we’ve been dying to use these awesome block letters that remind us of kid toys.  We picked 5 of our most “boy” stamps to give them some extra personality!!


For The Big Brother:

-       Mess Free Markers & Coloring Book.  We love these markers. We have no idea how they work. Let’s just say they are magical and keep the house from turning into your child’s blank canvas.

For The Dad:

-       Chips Ahoy! Cookies!  Can’t leave the dad out, especially one as great as Mike! We included these because of all the “Cookies & Milk Nights” we had in college.  Those times also inspired one of our favorite cards…

For The Family:

-       A Love Jac card of course!  Building a beautiful and caring family is no walk in the park. Mike, Susie, Braden, and now Greyson do a wonderful job at putting family first and loving the life they have! Congratulations again, guys!



A great care package doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be thoughtful. A nice note, a meaningful gift, and a few items that will remind your friend of some good times you’ve had makes for a perfect package!  If you want some specific ideas of what to give, we’d be happy to offer our opinion.  You can also let them know from the moment they see the box that it’s something good by wrapping the package in either bright colored paper or tape! You can even use a “Hello, My Name Is” sticker for the address label for added fun.


AND although we can’t put together a care package like this for all your friends, we can offer you a Love Jac Gift Box.  We were recently asked to put together something like this to give as a birthday gift.  Genius idea…especially for a card lover!!  We had so much fun putting it together we are now making it available to everyone.  It is essentially a care package filled with fabulous stationery.  Below is an example of how you can order yours.  If you are interested please email us at to start customizing your box today.

We love using old cigar boxes for our stationery, because they have a great feel and a good sense of history.  In this Gift Box you will find everything you need to send a note to a friend.  Having this box on hand will make it that much easier to get your letter in the mail.

Ultra-Fine Retractable Sharpies are our favorite!! They write smooth and you can’t lose the cap!  Plus, they show up beautifully on our colorful card stock!

A 5-pack of “The Cards You Need, When You Need Them”. Our “Dear Friend” cards are the closest to our hearts.  When your friend is not having the best day, sending one of these can really make a difference.  Also included in this set is a birthday card and “I miss you” card.

Our pack of 6 Thermographed Thank You cards featuring our hand drawn cityscape. 

Stamps!!! So these cards don’t sit on your desk or in your purse while you try to find the time to get to the post office.

5 Personalized Hand Embossed Flat Note Cards.  These are unique and something your friend can’t find in the store.  You can also make them even more special by choosing to have their nickname embossed!

We had a fantastic time putting together both of these packages!!  We hope we have given you some ideas to surprise one of your friends this week.  We already know of two care packages we will be putting together for two of you by Friday.  Also, let us know if you’d like a Love Jac Gift Box sent to one of your loved ones.  Have a great week!!

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