Filming on location in New York City!

New York City is a pretty dynamic place.  We absolutely love living here and even though we walk these streets everyday, we still find it thrilling when we see our hometown on the big screen.  There have been countless movies and television shows filmed in The Big Apple.  It’s always fun when you catch a glimpse of the action while it’s happening, let alone be a part of it.

After seeing our booth at The Brooklyn Flea, the set designer of ABC’s new television drama “Zero Hour” asked us to be in a scene.   She said our cards “were colorful and great for TV” and our displays “would make interesting camera shots.”

So, this past Thursday we packed up our minivan with our cards, displays, and tent and arrived on set at 8am.  The location was absolutely beautiful.  We were on the East River in Dumbo, perfectly framed by The Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges.  The music from the recently renovated Jane’s Carousel provided a magical soundtrack to our day in the spotlight. (And by spotlight, we mean way in the back and most definitely not in the shot.)

(notice - no tent)

Before starting Love Jac I worked in television production so this day was a little reminiscent of my old life.  From the moment I met Jerry, the lead Prop Master, I immediately started to miss the charm of TV people.  Jerry, along with his team, including Keith and Santos were all excellent crew guys who helped me unload and move all of our “props”.  The day was extremely long (as most television days tend to be) and rather hot (the Parks Department wouldn’t allow us to put up our tent), but we were staged next to two friendly Flea vendors and had a wonderful time.

Larry sells almost everything.  He had two mantras of the day.  “This is not just a movie set” and “I WILL sell a paperweight.”  He had a way with the tourists and sold a good amount of merchandise, including that paperweight!

Frank & Mike both left their day jobs to live the design dream.  They fix and update other people’s junk and turn it into a Brooklynite’s treasure.  They had some beautiful pieces that many visitors of Dumbo wanted to buy that day.

The next time you visit The Flea make sure you seek out all three of these guys, as well as Paul Pisanelli & Montgomari Parson who make custom lighting and Christian Rathbone who designs elegant textiles.  If these guys weren’t as nice as they were, we may have had a very unpleasant day.

The crew of “Zero Hour” was working non-stop. Before they actually got to us, they were at two previous locations.  They came in like the Thanksgiving Parade…cameras, lighting equipment, dollies, a jib, and a drum line of extras – all dressed in long sleeves and hats. The scene was taking place in the fall, but on this day it was 90 degrees out.  For the most part everyone seemed to be in a good mood.  The actors were very nice and we even noticed the lead actress’ daughter was on set hanging with mom.  This did just make me miss Georgia even more, but it gave me some good perspective on my new day job.  By the time we wrapped the sun was going down.  

(my fall look - at least it did start to cool off once the sun went down)

We consider Thursday a very successful day.  We had a fun experience, got to know some great people, sold a few cards, and none of our merchandise blew into the East River!! 

We will add this day to the list of reasons we love New York City.  Many of the other things on that list have become cards! Here are just a few…

New York City (black & white cookies)


Yum-o!! Black & White cookies are classic New York!! We like ours dunked in coffee!!


You are my New York City. (graffiti)


Some people hate graffiti & some people love it.  We are the latter.  We think it’s beautiful and has a personality of it’s own.  It makes New York City real.


I just love New York. (flowers).


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  No one does flowers like New York City!! For an instant pick-me-up for under $10…you can buy the prettiest flowers! Put them on your desk or in your apartment. We promise they will bring a smile to your face. (MEN: This is a great way to make your lady feel special!!!)


What’s Better Than Brunch In Brooklyn.


The card pretty much says it all.  Brunch in Brooklyn is the best.  Coffee… a Bloody Mary for Chad… a Bellini for me… some variation of Eggs Benedict…Bacon, Eggs, and Grits…and we are happy!  Even post-baby, we still enjoy a Saturday afternoon at one of our favorite brunch spots!  We kinda think that’s what heaven will be like.


There are so many reasons to love New York!!  If you love it as much as we do that you still get excited when you see this city on your television, we highly recommend going on an “On Location” Tour.  Whether you live here or are coming for a visit, it’s a great way to get some history and have some fun.  Until you can find the time to do so, feel free to buy a card! Have a great week.

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What a fun day to suffer in the broiling heat with you

Larry Fisher

Wow Jac, what an out of the blue opportunity!
Looks like you guys had an amazing time..I love your passion for NYC


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