Marathon Cards

The New York City Marathon is just one week away.  To celebrate we've made 3 cards with your marathon-running friends in mind!  For the past several months we've been watching as our friends have been training hardcore.  They fit running into their already hectic lives any way they can.  Whether they wake up early or run late into the evening they have made a goal to run 26.2 miles and they are committed.  The least we could do is make a couple cards....

That's right you're about to run a marathon.  I am bragging about you to everyone I know.

We made this first card so you could give it to your friend before they run the race.  Just thinking about running for that long, let alone that far, makes us anxious.  Help keep your friend pumped up and let them know how proud you are of them at the same time by sending them this card.

Do you realize you just ran a MARATHON? You are INCREDIBLE!

We think the word "incredible" pretty much sums up running a marathon.  Let your friend know you realize it wasn't a walk in the park.

You just ran a freakin' marathon.

This one is our favorite.  Maybe not the most politically correct language, but we are talking about a "freakin'marathon" here!  Your friend accomplished something not everyone can or will do.  It takes physical and mental strength and we respect the dedication of those runners!

Whether your friend is running the New York City Marathon this week or if they are currently training for another one, don't forget to let them know how incredible they are!  We will be at The Brooklyn Flea this coming Saturday in Fort Greene, if anyone needs to pick up a card last minute!!

Along with the card you will be giving your friend, we also think it's a great opportunity to make a t-shirt.  We are big on making t-shirts at Love Jac (see future blog post for more how-to's and photo examples).  This year we made two onesies for our friends' children.  Our friends are twins and running their first marathon.  We thought it would be fun to make custom shirts to help the whole family get in the spirit.  We simply used white onesies and iron-on transfer paper.  This method is quick, easy, and can be as creative as your imagination. 

In the past we have also made tank tops using neon fabric paint.  Again, this is relatively easy and lots of fun.  We simply repeated the words "Run. Gabi. Run." on top of an image of a female stick figure running!  


Making t-shirts is a great way to show your pride!!  Your friend has worked really hard to accomplish this incredible feat!  So go buy a blank shirt and get creative!! You have a whole week to do something that might just give your friend that extra burst of encouragement they need at that crucial mile marker!!  And don't forget to order your cards today!!

We want to send out a big congratulations to all our friends running...Rachel & Sarah Braunstein, Andy Spence, Patrick Anderson, and Frank Annino!  We are very impressed by all of you!!!  See you on Sunday!!


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