Custom Birthday Invitations - Twins Turn 2!!

We were recently asked to create birthday invitations for Georgia’s friends Mia & Simon.  The twins turned two and their mom, Rachel, asked us to help start their celebration off right. 

Rachel had a couple ideas in mind, but gave us the creative freedom to come up with something spectacular.  We took her plans of a pizza party featuring live music and ran with it.  The twins LOVE music!  After looking at the photos Rachel sent us, we thought it would be fun to create a music poster essentially promoting their birthday party.  We titled the event “Fiesta De Pizza Musical”, since the kids attend Spanish School and their father’s family speaks fluently.  We chose bright fun colors and a couple different fonts to make specific lines stand out.  The sunburst behind the twins was inspired by the posters used for the Broadway Musical Hair and it really gives the invitation energy.

The best part about making custom invitations is that we have the opportunity to show off what makes the guest of honor so awesome.  In the twins’ case, we really wanted to showcase their unique background.  Their mom, Rachel, is a native New Yorker and Jewish while their dad, Juan, is Catholic with El Salvadorian roots.  The combination of movie poster similar to what you might have found at CBGB’s and the use of Spanish words does just that.  

In the short time we have known the twins it feels like we’ve met almost all of their extended family.  Grandmas, aunts, and uncles all spend as much time as possible with these two kids.  “We are super lucky to have so much family around,” Rachel said, “and especially with twins, this was a blessing.”  She credits the kids being who they are today because of all the family members and caretakers that have been present since the day they were born.  She said, “What is so amazing is that Mia and Simon clearly love and know each of them – it’s like they know that they are family and what that means.”

It’s obvious they are surrounded by love just by watching them interact with each other.  Simon is a jokester and loves making everyone laugh.  Mia is brave and very good at sharing.  Rachel said, “They have a really loving and (most of the time) generous relationship.”  We have seen this first hand as the kids always share their snacks and toys with Georgia whenever we get together. 

Since Georgia is very close to the twins in age, we had an advantage when creating this invitation.  Knowing what a two-year-old lives for gave us an idea for the back.  We selected words of things Mia & Simon are into right now…everything from animals to toys to family members.  We then translated these words into Spanish (with a final approval from Juan himself, since Google translator can only do so much) and wallpapered the entire back of the card.  This way when they look at their baby book and see this invitation it won’t only be about the party, but about their interests at this time in their young life.

When Rachel came to us she said “I think birthdays are important milestones and in this day and age of electronic mail I love the idea of having a paper invitation that really captures the kids at this point in their life.”  We couldn’t agree more.  It was a lot of fun working with her and creating something that will be treasured forever.

As a gift to Mia & Simon we hand embossed some custom stationery with their names.  They can use it to say thank you for all their other gifts or they can save them for future use.  Living in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, we often feel bad buying other people things that will take up too much room.  Hopefully, Mia & Simon won't mind that they didn't get a toy and their parents will appreciate the extra space in their home.

Don’t forget creating an invitation can be so much more than just telling people when to show up somewhere.  It’s a chance to capture moments and show off the personality of those being honored.  Next time you are throwing a party, whether you decide to make the invitation yourself, order it online, or call us, be sure to take a moment to put a little extra thought into it.  By simply adding a current photo, choosing your favorite colors, or writing a personal note, you can take something that might otherwise be thrown away and turn it into a item that will be preserved with love for years to come.

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Nice blog, Jac. Really sweet. Love Georgia’s cowboy boots!


Nice blog entry. Glad you all had a good time and thanks for the invitations and gift. The Mrs. and I are fans of your work.

Juan Barahona

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