Holiday Fill-In-The-Blank Cards

The holiday season is here and so are our newest holiday cards!!  Inspired by our love for Mad Libs, these two designs help you get your message across and also speed up your card writing process.

After years of handwriting holiday cards we realized we would get into a rut and write practically the same thing in every card.  Instead of trying to pretend each note was completely original, we decided to celebrate it.  With these new designs we are able to truly personalize each individual card.  Now, the structure of the cards may be the same but each one speaks directly to that friend.

Dear __________, Happy/Merry/Season’s  Hanukkah/Christmas/Greetings/Kwanzaa
You’re my _______! I always think of you when _____________. From/Love/Truly _____________

Living in New York City we are now proud to have friends of all different religions.  These cards allow you to buy one pack, while still celebrating the beliefs of everyone you know.  The combination is up to you. Keep it classic…Merry Christmas…Happy Hanukkah or spice things us…Merry Hanukkah or Season’s Kwanzaa.  Inside this card you have opportunity to tell your friend how much they mean to you.  Let them know what makes you think of them.  It could be something you see, something you smell, or even an activity you do.  We are sure they will be happy to know what that specific thing is.


Dear ____________, You made my ______ list because ______________________.
What a year! Remember when _________ that was so _________. Here’s to _______.
From/Love/Truly ________

The second design highlights our love of lists!! The front of this card allows you to get as creative as you want.  It could be your Chrstimas List, your Nice List, your Dinner Party List, or your Funniest Friends List.  Then let them know why.  Inside this card you have the opportunity to celebrate the year that is coming to an end.  Take a moment to remind your friend about the good times you’ve had.  Now, look to the future and get excited for what’s to come!

To keep these cards festive we trimmed the top and bottom with images of baker’s twine.  Their red and white colors remind us of candy canes and make us smile.  Both cards have the image of scrap paper on the inside left, giving you space for your p.s. in case there is something else you’d like to say.  Accompanying these cards are brightly colored envelopes in either red, purple, green or pink!

This weekend at the St. Boniface Holiday Fair we asked some of our young customers to help us fill out a couple cards.  We loved watching their excitement as they decided what to write in the blanks.  Here are their examples! Thanks Susanna, Delia, & Fiona!


We are selling these cards individually for $4 or in a set of 6 for $15 dollars.  We hope they inspire you to say a little more in your holiday card this year.  We also hope they make your friends smile when they get them in the mail.

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