Holiday Thermographed Cards!

We are in the midst of Holiday Season and we are proud to offer you our beautiful Thermographed Holiday Cards! You may remember that our obsession with thermography started back in April when we designed our first round of Thank You Note Cards.  The raised ink and the thick card stock truly make these cards luxurious.

For this Holiday Season we designed 4 cards for you.  The first two are homage to the city in which we live.  In our opinion, New York City is the best place to visit during the holidays.  The lights, the window displays, the music, the shopping…this city really brings it during the month of December!

For our New York City Card we drew the city the way we see it: beautiful, unique buildings topped with water towers.  We added Christmas trees to show that the holiday spirit is everywhere you look.  We then decorated the card just as New York City decorates their streets.  The lights that hang above so many avenues and neighborhoods will put any pedestrian in a good mood.  We embellished the card by adding snowflakes, each one completely different and unique in its own way.  To finish it off we typed “Happy Holidays New York City” along the string of lights.  We had this card printed in bold colors. The traditional holiday red, accompanied by a complementary, yet unexpected purple.

For our Brooklyn Card we wanted to show off the diversity of our borough. Many of the brownstones in our neighborhood are multifamily homes and we love how several different faiths can live happily under one roof.  You can easily find a Christmas tree, a menorah, and kinara proudly displayed in the windows of the apartments on the same block in Brooklyn.  We drew three homes inspired by many buildings we walk past every day.  We also added specific details that say “holiday” to us: the leg lap from A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree, the wreath that I, as a child, would “help” my father hang every year on the house I grew up in.  There are candles that I remember being in my aunt’s windows and a tree with a “big star” that my daughter requested.  We chose the traditional holiday green for this card and pop of pink! We had a lot of fun creating this strip of homes and hope there are elements you can connect with as well.

To complement these two cards we created two simple, clean designs for those of you who might not want to send a card about Brooklyn or New York City.  We chose “season’s greetings” as an option for all faiths and then “merry christmas” for those of you who wanted to get specific.

We hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far and wish all of you a stress-free December!

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