Brief Re-Cap of Christmas 2012

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, spent some quality time with their family, and caught up with some friends.  We took a little vacation ourselves (from blogging) and were pleasantly surprised that you missed us.  To fill in the gaps, here is a little overview via our favorite holiday photos!!

Girls Night at Trashed!

As we discussed previously, we did celebrate the holidays with our closest female friends in North Carolina by going to Trashed!  It was just as we imagined.  Jessica had a great activity planned for us, “T-Shirt Necklaces,” and we had two hours to catch up on life, kids, and the holidays.  A little apple cider and appetizers completed the night.  Here’s a link to directions on how to make your own T-Shirt Necklace. And don’t forget, if you live in Concord, NC, Trashed is the perfect place to have your next party.


Watson Adventure at Xtreme Play!!

We were very happy with the reaction the Watsons had when they walked into Xtreme play for our afternoon adventure.  There was casual exploring, lots of running and sliding, and some friendly racing through the obstacle course!  Georgia’s favorite was definitely Ernie & Bert’s fire truck.



photo note: I'd like to tell you both of these events happened on the same day, that's why I'm wearing the same sweater, but that's simply not the case.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was a big success.  Santa crafted a “Peas & Pasta” Stand, got a cardboard house for Georgia to color, and found the original rocking horse he gave her daddy back in the 1970’s!  I’d say she loved that the most…lots of fun with a little bit of danger!

yes, we are wearing our matching pj's and Georgia is eating an oreo! we know what that kid likes!

New Jersey Christmas & New Years Eve

Georgia hit the jackpot in New Jersey. Santa left her some gifts there too. Including a new baby, a princess castle, and a scooter.  We also paid a visit to Chuckie Cheese with Grandma & Grandpa. (Georgia’s 4th visit, our 1st).  Interesting, to say the least.  After briefly mentioning Georgia would love a Power Wheels soon, (she’s obsessed with driving) we walked into Walmart to find a Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 Power Wheels National Guard Car!  For those of you not into Nascar or from Concord, NC, “Junior” is the only driver that matters and basically a bigger celebrity than Tom Cruise where Chad grew up.  If finding that Power Wheels wasn’t fate, I don’t know what was. Georgia loved it just as we thought.  The perfect end to the Christmas celebration!

New Year’s Eve was spent with my best friend, Katrina, and her family.  Katrina’s boyfriend proposed to her on Christmas day so look forward to lots of wedding planning and invitation making coming in the New Year!!

The two weeks of vacation went by so quickly and there were a lot of people we wanted to see that we didn’t get to.  Add that to our New Year’s Resolutions for next year.

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