New Valentine's Day Cards

 Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! We thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to our newest Valentine’s Day Cards.  This year we were feeling a particular love for our city.  There’s just something real about New York that we haven’t felt anywhere else.  (Maybe because it’s the city in  which we fell in love.)  We also think it’s pretty romantic. (Again, I’m sure having our first kiss on a stoop on 50th Street that will be there forever doesn’t hurt.) 

You never know when or where you will meet that person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.  You could run into them anywhere.  If you have found them already, the city gives you unlimited opportunities to make memories with them.  We took to the streets to photograph some of our favorite small details sprinkled with a little love.  We went close-up, so that these images can hopefully translate to whatever city or town you are experiencing love in this year.


Love Ya! We love that pattern on this manhole cover and of course the "NY."  It's one of those things that are everywhere in the city and you never really know where it will lead! (this card is also on sale at Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene)

You're awesome. We believe taking a moment to appreciate your closest friends on Valentine's Day is important! This card is perfect for the love of your life or your dearest friend. (this card is also on sale at Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene)

Will you be my valentine? It doesn't matter how old you are. Being someone's valentine can always give you butterflies in your stomach.  Make someone's day this year!

Love Ya! The idea of being in love at any moment is exciting.  Having coffee with that person can sometimes be more meaningful than going out on the town for a super fancy night.

I love you. Don't walk past love. It can be anywhere.

You and me forever.  Sometimes life gets tough, but these 4 words can hold it all together.

I love you. How romantic is it when a guy carves your initials in a tree?  Let this card be the next best thing.


Order your cards this week and get them in plenty of time for Valentine's Day!

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Nice cards, Jac!

Leslie Williams

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