Elephant Shoes I Love You Card

In this week’s Brooklyn Arts & Crafts we studied Salvador Dali.  Inspired by the use of elephants in his artwork, we had a lot of fun with this happy and beautiful animal.  Also in line with Dali’s imagery there was lots of silliness going on in class.  We continued the laughter with a quirky card.

Elephant + Shoes = I love you.

Card Stock & Envelope
Printed Images
Glue Stick
Postage Stamp 

Many of you may already know that if you say “Elephant Shoes” it looks like you're saying “I love you”! The children found this very amusing.  To make the card, simply print out illustrations of an elephant and shoes.  Both can easily be found on the internet.   We also printed out a plus sign, equal sign, and the words “I love you”.  Once you cut out the images, have your child glue them on the front of your card stock.   Allow them to be as creative as they would like.


Hazel had some fun and put the shoes on the elephant!

This card couldn’t be more simple.  We hope this gives you an excuse to have a laugh with your little one!

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