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Here at Love Jac, if there’s one thing we believe in more than anything else it’s that you can absolutely make a difference in a person’s day by sending them a card with a handwritten note.  When we first heard about the charity organization, Girls Love Mail (GLM), we were immediately interested in learning more.  After speaking with Gina Mulligan, we knew the people involved in GLM were our kind of people.

GLM collects handwritten letters from you and delivers them to women battling breast cancer.  Gina started this charity after living through her own experience with breast cancer.  Early in her fight, she received a letter from a survivor (a friend of a friend) who was diagnosed at the same age as she was, 28.  The letter was long and detailed very personal experiences she went through.  It was open and heartfelt.  This letter empowered Gina.  She was both thankful and honored that this woman shared her experience.  

After Gina won her battle with breast cancer, she knew she wanted to give back.  When she reflected on her own experience, it was that letter that truly stuck out – and that’s how GLM was born.  Gina now collects letters from people around the world who also want to help women win their fight against breast cancer.

The mental and emotional battle of any struggle is just as important as the physical.  By delivering these heartfelt notes, Gina is helping to strengthen a woman’s courage, getting them through one more day.

The feedback Gina has received so far is nothing but encouraging.  One recipient, Lori Murphy, said, "The letter brought peace to a time of fear. It was so kind and thoughtful to hear from someone who has gone through this before me." 

On her website Gina encourages people get together and have a letter writing party.  KJ Newman, a local GLM letter writer, has hosted two letter writing parties.  The ladies got together over snacks and cocktails and wrote over 100 letters for the organization. 

Gina reads every letter before it goes out and finds that the most rewarding part of running GLM.  She said “I'm touched by the wonderful heart-felt words and that we get letters from all ages. Some of the children's letters are the best. With all the negativity in the world, I feel blessed to read the letters and see the best of humankind.”

To this day she keeps the letter she received, along with several other meaningful notes, in a pink wicker basket in her office so she can re-read them.  If you are like us, you also have a special place for your treasured letters and notes.  You know the power each one holds and how it has impacted your life.

We admire Gina for having an idea and making a difference.  Her compassion and dedication are what makes GLM so successful.  We hope her story inspires you to pick up a pen today and write someone a letter.  Whether it be a friend, relative, or complete stranger  - your thoughts and feelings might just make their day a little happier.

To write a letter for Girls Love Mail, simply mail your letter to…

Girls Love Mail
2330 E. Bidwell Street, Suite 200
Folsom, California 95630

If you aren’t sure what to write, visit GLM’s website for topic ideas and suggestions.  We are all in this world together.  Being there for one another is really what it's about.


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