Spring Has Sprung Pop-Up Cards

Owen, Sofia, & Jasmine getting creative!


A couple weeks back, when the weather was constantly gloomy, we decided to take some action in our Brooklyn Arts & Crafts class.  Our artist for the week was Georgia O’Keefe and our projects were nature inspired.  We thought this would be a good opportunity to mail some sun-shining vibes in the world.  Since we really wanted these cards to stand out, we decided to make pop-up cards.  Because the children in our class are between the ages of 2 and 4, we did a lot of the prep beforehand.

Card Stock & Envelope
Construction Paper
Cut out clouds from construction paper
Cut out sun from construction paper
Spring themed stickers – flowers, butterflies, etc
Tissue Paper Squares
Printed out sayings “BYE-BYE CLOUDS…” and “SPRING HAS SPRUNG”


For the full step-by-step instructions on how to make the shell for a pop-up card, be sure to check out our previous blog post.  Once you have that completed and the different elements gathered, all that is left to do is let your little one's imagination go wild.  

Let your child glue “BYE-BYE CLOUDS…” and as many clouds as they would like on the front of the card.  

Ella mastering the glue stick.

Inside they can glue “SPRING HAS SPRUNG” and decorate it with pretty stickers.  They can also create small 3-D flowers by scrunching up tissue paper squares and gluing them onto the pop-up flap.

Hazel was in full concentration mode. When an artist is at work there is no time to say "cheese".

Each child’s card was unique and your child’s will be too. The end result will most definitely be colorful and fun.  Now some people might say it was just coincidence, but ever since our class mailed out these cards it has been a lot warmer in Brooklyn.  Just sayin’.

If you haven't checked out Hank & Jojo's new back deck yet, it's a must! Think the kids could spend the whole day there!
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