Jackson Pollock Splatter Paint Card


Jackson Pollock is one of our favorite artists to teach to children.  Who doesn’t like to splatter paint all over the place?  However, you can’t always let the kids loose with a bottle of paint.  The technique we used for this week’s card is your answer to Pollock fun, without all the mess.

Card Stock & Envelope
Black Sharpie
Scotch Tape
Disposable Aluminum Roasting Pan
A Piece of Aluminum Foil approximately 6 inches x 12 inches


Since we discovered Jackson Pollock’s real first name was Paul, we thought it would be fun to turn these Pollock-inspired cards into personalized cards featuring each child’s initial.  Simply draw the first letter of your child’s name in a block letter on the front of the card. 


Next, fold a piece of scotch tape into a circle in order to temporarily attach both the card and envelope to the aluminum pan.  This helps keep everything in place while you are working.


Next, crumple your aluminum foil into a ball.  For best results, give the ball points (so it’s shaped more like a jack than a marble). 


Now the fun begins! Dip the ball in one color of paint.  It’s best to start with the lightest color.  Then put the foil ball into your pan and roll it around. It will scatter paint as it makes contact with the card.  Repeat this method with as many different colors as your would like.  We chose to use 3 primary colors, which makes the overlapping of the paint even more beautiful.


Sofia was an expert foil roller!


Gabby also picked up the skill right away!

Finally, wait for your card to dry and voila!  The result is a fun, happy card anyone would want to receive in the mail.


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