Finger Painted Starry Night

The week we studied Vincent Van Gogh, we knew there was only one card to make: A Finger Painted Starry Night.  These cards are perfect for any young artist.  By following these simple steps and letting them get as messy as they want (and you can handle), your child will create a very polished, professional greeting card.


Card Stock & Envelope
Star Stickers
Finger Paint


The first step to this card is all about stickers! And you can’t go wrong!  Have your little one stick as many or as few stickers as they would like.  Don’t forget to decorate the envelope as well.


Next – let the finger painting begin.  We chose colors in Van Gogh’s original Starry Night: blues, greens, yellows, and purples.  The trick to this card is to cover the whole thing with paint.  

Now let it dry.  Once the paint is dry (or for an even easier removal, wait until just before it’s completely dry), remove all the star stickers. This will reveal the white card stock, giving you a perfect starry night!

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very inspiring!!! thanks!

Alleen Childress

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