Getting Gorgeous Event

On Saturday April 27th we were honored to showcase our cards at the Getting Gorgeous Event thrown by blogger extraordinaires, Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClelland.  

The objective of the event was to bring brands and bloggers together.  We were in good company with names you all know, CVS, Dial Soap, and New Balance.  We also met many new businesses, such as Thyme Maternity, Jade & Jasper, and Coolibar.

The world of the “blogger” has absolutely exploded and we are happy to consider ourselves part of the blogisphere.  We met so many women who we knew immediately we would consider our friends if they were a part of our daily lives.  Thanks to the power of the internet, we now can.  These women are smart, have an opinion, and experiences to share.  Many of them are moms, some of them are fashionistas, and all of them were extremely friendly.

At the event, we offered every attendee the opportunity to pick their favorite card to take home and mail to a friend.  This is still our favorite part of Love Jac.  Watching people truly connect with a card is extremely rewarding.  One of our most unique customers was a woman who had to get our “Nothing is better than the feeling of accomplishment card” because her son is so obsessed with rubics cubes that she made him a custom rubik's cube birthday cake!!

We got some blogger love once everyone sent their cards!! Check out the links below!

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