Back at it at St. Mary's Craft Fair October 2013

This past weekend we packed up our cards and drove south.  We dusted off the old displays and set up shop in Williamstown, NJ at my alma mater’s church craft fair.  It was a successful day that reminded me how lucky I am to have such a supportive family.



That's me in 1st Grade! Gotta love my Jersey hair.


When I got pregnant I knew we would have to take a break from doing craft fairs and street markets.  It’s exhausting enough when you are getting a full night’s sleep and have all your energy.  I knew it would be almost impossible to do while I was growing a baby inside of me.  So, I listened to my body and we took a hiatus from the Brooklyn Flea.  This weekend was a sort of test run to see if it would be possible to set-up the booth and spend an entire day on our feet selling cards now that we have two children. 


We are happy to report that not only could we do it, but we also still enjoyed every minute.  It was certainly a family affair and it wouldn’t have been possible if everyone didn’t pitch in and help in any and every way they could.  I have to thank… my husband and father for doing the majority of the manual labor…my mom who suggested we do the fair and walked Baby Conroy around so I could correctly display all of our cards…my brother who stayed home to be there when Georgia woke up.  He was a super uncle… got her dressed, made her breakfast, and played with her all morning until he brought her to the craft fair to hang out with us.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, I can definitely say the same thing about running your own company while having a family.  Thank you to everyone in the Love Jac village. I couldn’t do it without you.


Our newest employee workin' the New Baby section.


St. Mary's was the perfect place to do this first fair after having our second baby.  I attended kindergarten and first grade here.  I can remember eating lunch and having gym class in the auditorium where they had us set up shop.  It was great to talk to the customers as they browsed our cards.  Everyone was incredibly nice.  It was comforting to hear that South Jersey accent as the guy next to us gave out free “wooder” (translation: water) and the girls came in from their soccer games.  I know this type of Saturday very well having grown up playing sports on the weekends and hanging out with my friends after.  It was fun to see the kids doing the same thing today.  Thanks to the surprise visitors who came to support us.  Seeing a familiar face and catching up is always a good time.  As the day came to an end we were tired, but happy to have done it and look forward to going full force back in Brooklyn soon. 

Some soccer friends checking out our friendship section.


Two of our favorite customers, Rosie & Isla, showing off their favorite cards.
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