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Do you know about Bloglovin' already? Besides the fact that the name reminds us of McLovin' from Superbad, we love this site because it has simplified our life.  It's the perfect way to keep track of your favorite blogs and when they are updated.  Before we started using Bloglovin' we tried creating bookmarks for all the blogs we love and then tried to check them regularly, but honestly we could never keep up with it.  Bloglovin' takes care of everything...sending us an email each morning with every new blog update (including a photo).  This allows us to immediately know if it's something we are interested in.  Then all we need to do is click to read!

If you already use Bloglovin' add us to the list of blogs you follow!! If not, it's easy to join. Plus you might even find a few new blogs you're interested in as well.


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