GIFT CARDS available!!

GIFT CARDS available!!

Just in time for the holiday season, GIFT CARDS are here!!  Is your apartment filling up with too many toys?  Do you choose experiences over stuff?  Have you been looking for a “gift” that will keep giving over time? We are beyond grateful to offer you the opportunity to either give or receive Artists & Crafts this holiday season!!

Many of you know that I started this class when my oldest was two years old.  For me, child/caregiver classes were the key to my happiness as a stay-at-home mom.  From my first yoga class with Georgia where I met so many of my closest “mom-friends” to the Music Together class I attended with Conroy when Georgia was in pre-school, these classes gave me the opportunity to connect with my kiddo without distraction.  It was about us, our time together, and enjoying an activity.  Even that one “baby massage” class where I paid way too much money for a woman to tell me how to rub lotion on my 4-month-old baby was an excuse to get out of the house and talk to other adults.  I’m still friends with some of my “mom-friends” who came to that class with me and we still laugh about those early days when we had no idea what we were doing and it seemed like taking an expensive class was just the thing we needed to learn the skill of applying lotion!

All those classes made a difference, but it was the gift card we received for Georgia’s first Christmas that truly made an impact.  We used it on the Little Gym in Brooklyn Heights and instantly it became our happy place.  It was more than her learning to balance on the beam or hang from the rings.  In fact, when we started she was just beginning to walk.  The Little Gym was our safe place (everything was padded).  It became my calm in this hectic city.  It was where we made friends.  And some days it was the only time I spoke to another adult!  We felt loved and cared for there thanks to their kind instructors.  That gift card was the holiday gift that lasted the entire year.  Every time we sat in a circle on that big red mat, I would think about how lucky we were that someone would gift us this experience.  When she would smile, and giggle, and eventually, come running in for a hug I felt so grateful to be her mom.

Every week when your children come walking towards me to choose which color smock they want that day, I am reminded of what the next 45 minutes are capable of providing your family.  Time to put the phones down and connect, both with your child and our friends in class.  Time to explore creativity.  Time to learn more about your child.  Time for your child to create in a way that takes entirely too long to set up at home.  We hope the artists, songs, and crafts from class make it home to your dinner conversation.  We hope if you aren’t able to physically make it to class, you feel the love and energy when you receive our email filled with photos.  We hope you know that your little one is enjoying their time getting creative and for 45 minutes it’s all about them.  

We hope our class becomes your calm in this hectic city.  We hope you and your child make friends here.  We are honored when we hear Artists & Crafts is your child’s happy place.

The fact that our friends at Sawyer have now made it possible for this experience to be gifted to a family makes me cry.  Seriously, every time.  I’m working on not bursting into tears, but for now I will keep a tissue nearby.  So, if you know a kiddo who would enjoy the experience of Artists & Crafts as a present this holiday season, we hope you consider gifting it.  And if you have a family member or friend who is asking you what to buy your little one, we hope you point them to our website.  Plus, we’ve got you covered when it comes to a thank you card!  You can simply send them one of the handmade cards your child will make each week in class! And if you want to take it one step further you can send them one of the photos we take during class!! 

 Happy Holidays and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at


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