ICS Winter Fair - Sunday December 4th

We are so excited December is here.  As we begin the last month of 2016, I am revisiting my One Little Word, documenting the month through my December Daily scrapbook album, and enjoying everything holiday as much as possible.  

We wanted to let you know we will be selling our cards this Sunday, December 4th at The ICS Winter Fair.  It will be take place at St. Joseph's High School at 80 Willoughby Street in Downtown Brooklyn from 10am - 4pm. 

We hope you can stop by, say hi, and get some of your holiday shopping done.  The day will be filled with performances and crafts for the kids.  If you are around on Sunday, we hope you pop in!

We have also designed a special card inspired by the amazing teachers at The International Charter School.  If you've been following along, you know that last year I toured what feels like every elementary school in Brooklyn.  After the long - more emotional than necessary - process we ended up at ICS.  We couldn't be happier.  Every day Georgia comes home happy and often she exclaims "Best Day Ever!"  She's been teaching us new songs and dances, telling us all about Ray Charles, and explaining how to sound out words.  The experiences she has been having at school have been creating new fun experiences at home.  From finding out how our whole family Ziggalows, to having a dance party to "Shake It Off", and my favorite - watching my mom A Tooty Ta.  She's loving school and sharing the things she loves with us.  I'm guessing this happens at most schools.  I'm sure it just feels extra special because it's our first time having a kindergartener.  

As a way to say "thank you", I designed a card to let the teachers know the direct impact that are making on our lives.  Simply fill it out when something touching happens at home and send it into school the next day.  This is just a little way to make sure the teachers know what they are doing at school is making our children's lives better even beyond school hours.  We hope getting this card makes the their day a little brighter.  All of the proceeds of this card will go to the Parent Organization at The International Charter School.  We've printed a limited run of these cards, so if you'd like to buy a pack, stop by on Sunday!

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