Keith Haring Painted & Textured Heart

Keith Haring Painted & Textured Heart

Hello Artist & Crafts Families,

Today's artist is Keith Haring.  Keith Haring was a street artist who has left his mark on the world of graffiti.  He is known for his bold lines, vivid colors, and active figures that carry strong messages of life and unity.  Haring got his start by creating his drawings on the subway in New York City.  He was hired to create many projects around the city including the Times Square Exhibition and a mural along the FDR.  Haring was friends with many other artists, including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Madonna.  He also gained international success when he was commissioned to create several wall murals in Australia. 

For today's project we are inspired by Haring's passion to create and his love of love.  We will be creating our version of his Untitled red heart.

You will need...

Our Artists & Crafts Print-Out
Red Paint
Paint Brush
Paper Plate (for paint)
Red craft supplies (pom-poms, tissue paper, sequins)

To prep this project, grown-ups will have to print out our Artists & Crafts sheet, gather the supplies, and possibly cut tissue paper into small squares.

This project is pretty straight forward.  The most important thing is to remember YOU ARE THE ARTIST!!  

Step 1 is to paint your heart red. Grown-ups, remember, it's ok if your kiddo paints outside of the lines, Haring's bold strokes will still come through!

Step 2 is to color in the rest of the image.  We used markers for this.  Keith Haring is known for his bold colors, so try filling in each person with one bright color each.  Or use your imagination and do what your heart calls you to create.  

Step 3 (the final step) is to glue on any textured art supplies that you would like to add.  We used red pom-poms, tissue paper, and sequins.  Please note, that the pom-poms will need a little more time to dry because they are heavier. 

And there you go, a Keith Haring inspired painted heart.  We can't wait to see what you made, so send me an email or tag us on instagram @artistsandcrafts.  

If you are free Wednesday afternoons at 3:30pm or Thursday mornings at 10am we'd love you to join our online zoom class!! You can register here.





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