Make A Summer Scrapbook with Us!

Do you take tons of photos, but never print them out?  Do you find it difficult to schedule in the time to make a photo book your friends can flip through?  Are you looking for a creative outlet so you can take some time for yourself?  

Well you are in luck.  Love Jac is launching our next workshop to help you create, share, and connect through art: Love Jac Scrapbooks.  Our first project is a complete summer scrapbook called “Our Best Summer Yet!”  You can register here.

Love Jac Scrapbooks are based in gratitude and the desire to make the most of life.  The goal is to capture all those moments, experiences, and memories - big and small - that combine to paint the full picture of your life.  We help you create and then document those moments in a fun personalized style. We prompt you to tell the story you’ll want to share with your family and friends.  A Love Jac Scrapbook is a work of art because you make it with your two hands and it can be used to help you connect with those who flip through your memories.  

We hope you will join us this summer to create your very own Love Jac Scrapbook! 


  • Layout Planning Guide
  • A 6x8 album filled with 30 pocket-pages
  • Journal cards, stickers, and embellishments to customize your scrapbook
  • 2 two-hour craft sessions
  • A completed scrapbook to treasure and share.

(LET US HELP: you can also have 100 of your photos cropped, printed, and sized for pocket pages for an additional cost) 

“Our Best Summer Yet” is more than just a scrapbook.  This workshop will help you organize your summer so that it's easy to document.  We will give you ideas to create fun photos that will capture both the big adventures and the everyday pleasures.  

Two weeks before our workshop starts, you will receive a layout planning guide. We will give you the space to lay out your album and get things in order…make list of all the fun you had and take a moment to reflect on everything in your life that you are grateful for.  We will help you decide what moments and details to include in your album. 

The workshop includes a 6x8 pocket-paged album.  We believe pocket-pages are the easiest and most efficient way to scrapbook.  By giving you guidelines of where to put photos and journaling cards, pocket-pages eliminate the fear of the blank page.  It also gives you a designated place for you to create something beautiful.  Each album will include 30 of these pages and a template to help you plan out the book.

We love creating, but even more we love creating TOGETHER, so this workshop will take scrapbooking - typically something you do alone - and turn it into a social event!  It’s inspiring to see what other people come up with and helpful to have a group to run your ideas by.  Each meet up will include coffee and pastries in a peaceful environment that will allow your creativity to run wild!  

Our first meeting will be on Saturday Sept 8th.  Just after summer has come to a close and while your memories are still fresh we will meet and conquer (in our opinion) the biggest hurdle of the scrapbooking process - deciding which photos to print.  Let us help you jump over this hurdle.  Bring your computer or phone and we will all sit down and decide together the best photos for your album.  We will help you make those hard decisions because we know how hard it is to make a choose when it is photos of your own children.  If you'd like after this meet-up we will take care of the labor intensive process of cropping and printing your pictures, while you continue enjoying life.

We will also use this session to plan out your album and start adding journaling cards.  We will walk you through the best way to arrange your photos and how to incorporate your journaling cards.  You will get your own set of stickers, paper, and embellishments to use and keep!  Plus, you will also have access to our curated art-box of craft supplies featuring date stamps, wooden & clear stamps, and journaling pens and markers.  For two hours you can chat with friends while writing, cutting, glueing, and stamping to your hearts content. 

When you arrive at our second meet-up on Saturday 15th we will jump right into crafting.  If you have chosen for us to help you with the photos, your photos will be cropped, printed, and trimmed - waiting for you to do the fun part!!   

We will add any finishing touches - this is honestly our favorite part.  Stickers, mementos, and ephemera, oh my!!  Really get your creativity flowing.  You can now take a step back and look at your album as a whole.  What more does it need?  What stories do you still want to tell?  Now’s the time to get it all in there.  At the end of class we will share our albums with the group. 

By the end of this second get-together you will have the majority of your book complete.  You can bring your book home with you and work on it whenever you feel the need to create.  

Throughout this entire workshop you will have the opportunity to meet and get to know other creative individuals.  You will learn our Love Jac scrapbooking tips and tricks that you can take with you as you continue to document your life.  And most importantly you will have given yourself six solid hours of creative time dedicated to you.  Most of us don’t take enough “me time” these days.  We want to help change that.  Creating a scrapbook is a wonderful way to appreciate all the good that’s in your world and reflect on the life you have.  Sharing with it with your friends is a wonderful way to connect with them.  We would be honored if you joined us in this creative process.  You can register here.

If you'd like to see some of the scrapbooks I've made in the past, you can check out our Summer 2014 Album, Our Disney Album, and Georgia's Baby Book.

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Is there any way for me to participate remotely? :) What an awesome opportunity to know at the end you’ll have a FINISHED ALBUM!

Carrie Kelleher

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