SNAIL MAIL 101: Get Organized and Send Mail

SNAIL MAIL 101: Get Organized and Send Mail

Do you wish you mailed more cards?  Would you like to know when your friend's birthday is before facebook tells you the day of?  We believe taking the time to send a letter can make a big difference in your life.

Our days are busy and our schedules filled with so many things “to-do”, many times it feels like we are just trying to survive!  As awesome as Technology is, it seems to have complicated things.  There’s so much to keep up with and information can be sent in second.  In this world of instagram, snap chat, text messaging, and emailing right there in your pocket at all times… it’s almost feels pointless to write a letter. 

However, we believe mailing your friend a letter can really make a impact.  It shows them you care about them.  It gives you a chance to think about them and put your feelings down on paper.  

If you agree, we'd love you to join our creative community and allow us to help you get organized and make sending mail a part of you regular busy life!

Our online course is filled with motivational videos that break down the elements of snail mail and give you practical tips to add letter writing to your life.  There are worksheets to help you get organized and an invitation to our private facebook community. 

You can register here.

If you have any questions, send an email to

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