Want to make a Baby Book?!?!

Do you have a baby book for your little one?  Do you wish you did?  I would love to help you create time capsule you will treasure forever!

As the new year begins, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how our business can continue to help you create, share, and connect through art.  One of the dreams that is always on my list is “teach scrapbooking classes”.  

I truly believe in scrapbooking.  For me it has provided that “self-care” time - allowing me to create something beautiful and meaningful.  It has allowed me to persevere memories I’m sure I would have forgot if I hadn’t taken the time to craft the memory!  My scrapbooks are the gifts that keep giving.  Everyone in our family loves looking through them and feeling grateful for what we have experienced.

This past fall we held a 2-hour workshop called “A letter to my baby” where six women crafted a mini-scrapbook of their liking.  It was exactly what I imagined.  Watching these women take the time out of their busy schedules for theirselves and seeing them leave with memories saved forever made me so happy!  It solidified that this is the next addition I want to add to Love Jac.

Scrapbooking is an art form.  Often those new to it need a little encouragement.  That is where I come in! I have the experience and the attitude to assist you in preserving your memories.  Think of me as your creative cheer captain! I will show you the ropes, give you tips, print out your photos, and provide you with all the supplies you need…all while helping you remember the sweet parts of parenthood! 

Step one, let’s figure out how to fit this creative time into your life!  I’d love your help determining what works best for most people.  Do you have time during the day?  Do you need child care for your little one?  Would you prefer to do it on a weekend or in the evening?  

If you want to create your own baby book, simply fill out our form and join our Facebook group.   From there we can determine how to make time for this meaningful creativity in your life!  

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