Collection: Love Jac Creative Goals


Love Jac Creative Goals is a supportive community of like minded people! 

We believe that creativity makes the world a happier place and art has power!

We believe that scheduling time for creativity is always a good idea. 

We love lists & gold stars!

We are here to cheer each other on!

We are motivated by others achievements and progress - because we don’t believe in comparison!

We are a community of positivity and encouragement!

We know that creativity breeds more creativity.

We are life learners and enjoy trying new things. 

We will share - declare our goals - and support each other to add creativity and art into our lives!!

We know when we do this - the world around us becomes a happier place!!

All groups are paid in full at the beginning of the year. Each group includes everything in the group below it. 

PRIMARY ($5 a month aka $60 total)

SECONDARY ($20 a month aka $240 total)

TERTIARY ($55 a month aka $660 total) - a payment plan is offered for this group.